Sunday, February 19, 2012

The.Wed.Hantaran: The Satchel

heylo dear readers..
how was your monday so far?
still got the blues aint?
my weekend was so packed with activites
in search of my hantaran stuff

work at morning
finish at 5pm
shoot off to midvalley,garden,sogo and pavillion

memula tu just nak survey2 barang dlu,
see what we can get the best deal
with the budget that we allocate for

so for 
i have eyeing on some handbag or satchel
for the hantaran.
ada tu yg within the budget
ada yang tak
sebab mahal nak mampos
dem dem dem
so yang tak tu
kte byebye lah

i wanted to have a satchel
the one with the top holder
coz i like to hold and kepit kat tangan macam ni...

so ya.
lets see whats that beautiful on the eyes of the beholder
#how i wish im holding this.

im aiming on this.


@The Garden

Mount Perry Helena

Gorgeous isnt it?
dem dem dem
This was the first handbag i fall in love with
after a long walk down every boutique at The Garden

Next is also from Kate Spade

Japanese Floral Melinda

Its black  n white and goes well with any color combination of dress your wearing
i love it cos its Fabric but the hard part is.
saya si ganas ni susah nak jaga die sbb die white.

Ok this is one bag that mr fiancee was eyeing on
The good thing about him is
he dont mind walking alone at pavillion,sogo and garden
while waiting for me to finish work

surveyed on handbags and perfumes for me
and when he found one thats nice
he will call me
snap a photo of it
and sent
and if i like it
then he will bring me along to see for my self.
and by the time die bawak i
the salesgirl already kenal die
and die borak like dah kenal lame

so yup
this is one handbag that he like



Madison Patent Maggie

its purple and its my favourite color.
i love it. !


@The Garden

Bimba and Lola Fall-Winter 2012 collection

cantik kannn? 
but its above the budget
so byebye bimbalola
mommy's gonna get you one day
hang in there!



Anya Hindmarch Belvedere Bag

 Anya Hindmarch Peephole Nude Velvet Calf 
these are also one of my favourite
the soft texture of it just makes me floating in the air
Anya Hindmarch pieces just make me wanna say
but then these are also beyond our budget
so byebye Anya =(




Micheal Kors Bedford Extra-Large Bowling Satchel in Burnt Orange

i just love the color !!! 

and as i walked in Micheal Kors 
my eyes was like
as my eyes lay on this piece

Micheal Kors Grayson Sequin Satchel

i was like Oh-Em-Geezzz!
i just love bling bling
and my eyes goes wink wink !

ok this is my ultimate ultimate ultimate
dream bag
istighfar banyak kali athirah

and dont ask how much does it cost at the boutique
it cost

if only i can lay my hands on this baby

only in my dream..

so presenting to you



Burberry Aligator Whip-stitch Bag


mr fiancee asked me to choose one
as long as it is within his budget

i've decided to 
hold that thought right there


all pic cerdit to ; pakcik google

Till then,



Khairiyah aka Kerry said...

i vote for kate spadeeeeeeeeeee! gojes gile kot yg atas sekali tuuuuuuuuu!

Miss Ika said...

Tya sayang,
Orange tu cantik sangat. Huk Huk

Affiza Atsumi said...

hi kate spade mount perry helena tu how much eyh u tengok at gardens? i minat la.. :)))))

Affiza Atsumi said...

hi kate spade mount perry helena tu how much eyh u tengok at gardens? i minat la.. :)))))