Thursday, April 12, 2012

the wed preps: the dresses

heyoo people!
hows ur friday so far?
im on my off day

whats plan for today ?
dinner maybe?

hrni hari pulang ke rumah
n jumpe cik tunang !

early morning mama da msg
'hrni balik tak? zhaf datang tak? mama nak masak ni'
opkos la balik maaa~

whats up with my wedding attire


dah hantar kat tailor
my own design
my own sketch
nanti i tunjuk eh.
not now. 

semenyih's reception...

mmg at first i was having the intention of hiring this designer for my reception dress
so tgah scrolling on his blog
asal aku kenal ek?
a pic of a wedding which i went last 2 years
'kak jaja!!'
and yes !
nazreen idris is the brother !
what the?
how can i forget ?
berapa ribu kali kak jaja bgtau dlu
'akak ada abg designer. and siti nurhaliza is our close relative'
infact masa siti kahwin kak jaja jadi pengapit kot!
how can i forget? apekah ?

immediately i called kak jaja
'akak! nak abg akak design my wedding dress'
terus !
appointment made. went over the house
after soo long ta jmpe kak jaja
jejak kasih kejap
and the fact that nazreen said
'hey i ingat lah u dkt weding jaja haritu'
oh my god really?
tak sia2 rambut kerenting kembang aku ni
senang org nak ingat

spent about hour plus at the house boutique
discuss sambil makan cake n kopi sedap!

kak jaja was my roomate's senior back in UM
mereka course lain but the same faculty with me
selalu gile kak jaja datang bilik study
lepak2. makan2. merepek2 meraban. tgk movie kat laptop gajah kak siti.
and after graduation, i went to her wedding in malacca
black n pink theme
sangat cantik okkay~
and all adalah hasil kerja tangan abangnye nazreen
ho yeah!

it was a pleasure meeting with kak jaja and nazreen the other day 
and cant wait to see my dress nanti !
and on top of that
my reception make up nanti
nazreen make up kan !
which such low cost!
sangat best!

and plus sebab kenal
sme kawtim aja!

so today
nak pegi sopping kain dgn nazreen
for reception attire for zhaf
and nak bincang with nazreen further for seremban's reception dress plak

ok excited.

gosh nearly 2pm
appointment at 3!

gotta get ready

till then people

have a great weekend ! 


Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Wed Prep : The Reception Dais

feels like
can i just quit my job
and focus on my wedding prep?
oh how i wish..


the DIYs

i love DIY soo much
but i just dont have much time to do lots of it

unlike mase tunang haritu
most of it DIY
not a single vendor hired.
(except for the canopy lah)

the big DIY thingy for my big day is
my reception dais

and my daddy's on it !

yes pelamin reception ye
bukan nikah
for me pelamin reception is a big thing
unlike pelamin nikah
i visualize it as a small simple one

at first i was a bit reluctant to have a DIY dais fo my reception
papa n mama said
'boleh buat sendri la kakak'
but i insist not to.

just like masa tunang haritu
they said 
'kakak, we may forked out the same amount of money for it, but at the end of the day the stuff will be ours'
yes, said it again and again
so bunga banyak2 yang mama na beli for the dais deco nanti
it'll end up jadi decoration kat rumah mama and my house nanti lah ye?


but then, somehow
after i put my thoughts into it
i said
'yeah why not'

and papa n mama was so happy
when i decide that

at first i ta paham 
why papa mama sanggup nak use their own bare hands on a project like this
bukan ape. i malas nak burden my parents on something big like this
paku papan plywood tu sendri
drilling, sewing the cloths and drapes sendiri
pasang mounting the spotlights sendiri
arranging the flower sendiri
padahal tu sme bole suruh vendor buat
ta yah susah2kan mereka
but seeing my parents happily volunteered to do so
i'm just extremely grateful and thankful to them
thank u papa mama !

so papaku yang Mc Gyver

with his power tools and gadgets
and with the help of AUTOCAD, 
(dont ask me whats that, its engineering software whatever not, only papa, my sister yaya and my bro, afiq knows what it is. ini hal2 engineers i malas nak tanya..cube suruh i lukis jantung ke.. tu aku tau lah..heee!)

well, he designed and positioned
my hantaran platforms
my nikah platform
my reception dais
and the canopy arrangement around the house
yes when i say virtually 
he just used his mind and click it on the mouse

he just do it on his laptop
print it
and show it to me
i will give my thoughts 
and he will justify
amendment done if needed

so ya. it looks like this :

my reception dais position and arrangement

the hantaran platforms and nikah platform

the canopy arrangement 

pics taken via hp and edited to make it clear view

i'm giving full trust to my handyman daddy for making my pelamin simple nice yet awesome
as how i imagine it'l be

papa said he will be going off to japan in May
for some business trip

so he wanted to start working with the platforms and pillars very much soon

ok papa you can do it !

*finger cross*

alright, i gotta go

nanti i'll continue on this lagi kay.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2 big candles and 6 little small ones.

26th March 2012

im 26 !

one thing i never thot i would be on my 26th birthday is
being someones fiancee
and about to get married
fuyooooo !

coz ive always said to myself
im gonna get married at 30.
yeah right
im wearing a ring now
what you gonna say about that huh? 
silly athirah !

my 26th bday celeb was simple yet awesome!

mr fiancee made a surprise
driving me up to KL tower
i thot we're just going to Ben's at Pavilion for dinner 
when i see we're going up the hill n going towards the tower
i said
'are we going there bubushi?' 
pointing up to the tower
he said
'tak lah sayang. bubushi na ikot jalan dalam ni'
and knowing him yng suke ikot jalan celah2 bedah mana tah
tau2 je sampai ke destinasi
i just keep myself quiet
and honestly, i buy that lie *dem*
and then tetibe..
die masok parking
and parked !
and tetibe
he took a huge paper bag of Charles & Keith from behind the co-driver seat 
(which is behind my seat obviously)
and i was like
and as i opened the bag

sangat awesome
sangat cantik
n i just love it
pandai en tunang saya pilih handbag
oh and dapat a giant lollypop from C&K juge

then after that i terus transfered all my stuff from my old handbag
#'byebye to you' little HB 
and dump it into my new handbag
and wallah!! i look good with it

then he open the door for me
yet still, in disbelieve, i asked again
'kte nak naik atas ke bubushi?'
and he just smile

as we walk up to the counter
the queue was damn long i tell you
its because of there was something going on at the exhibition hall upstairs 
something on the F1 thingy i heard
a long queue but mr fiancee just dgn selamba nya went straight to the counter and said to that sweet lady
'reservation under Zhafri'
and 2 tickets was hand to mr fiancee

and a guy terus walk us to the lift
cuts through the long queue
i just smile
chinggg ~

we got a nice table for two next to the glass window
had a bellyful fiest
and suddenly my mom n sis text
'best ke?'
ohh they knew??
am i the only one yang don't know about this?
its a surprise lah hoi !
mmg la kau tak tau
#athirah sengal

and i got to know
due to mr fiancee takot kalau reserve lambat nanti fully book
he indeed made the reservation 3 months earlier
and the handbag 
sebab cantik n takot habis agknye
he bought it like 3 months earlier jugak.

so ya 
i had a wonderful night on top of the KL Tower
dining with Love
thank u bubushi sayang !


my family celeb my bday with a small dinner fiest
i cooked with mama

we had
roast chicken
potato salad
grilled vege with olive oil
fried fish with thai sauce
satay kajang (thanks to papa)
and cheese cake (thank to mr fiancee)
and for desert 
me n mma made 
home made bread pudding
wallah ! 

uncles , aunties, cousins, nephews
came over
and makan2
sampai kenyang

mama said
'this would be the last birthday celebration you  my anak dara, after this its your hubby's job to celeb u, cook for u and it will be at your own house, kitorg datang makan je..'

and tetibe rasa touching

serious ke dah nk kaawin niii?

fuyoooo !


till then, 



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The photobooth props

good day everyone

this time im gonna review about my photoprops
its actually the one i made for 
kak oshen + abg musz
wedding reception the other day

im glad people love it
and hati ku berbunga2 when people capture moments with it
#motip sangat

so lets see ~

the sticks

vintage frame own collection =)

the photobooth props =)

they brought along on their outdoor photoshoot session 
and pose with it.
funny !

and my two office mates Kila n Andy posed with it

and after the event, me n mr fiancee snap our silly faces with it


Thanks also to my sister n mr fiancĂ©e helping around in the making of it 

im gonna make more for my wedding nanti
so you guys can snap a zillion pose with it !

you guys interested?
and wanna have it ?

no biggy i can do it for you.



credit pics to : own collection, FBs, OP of musz+oshen-the wedding.


Wedding Bells: Kak Oshen + Abg Musz

24th March 2012
Solemnizationn of 

Oshen + Musz

and im the maid of honor
weewit !

nothing much to say
just full of joy, laughters and happy tears

yaya n mr fiancee duduk belakang playing iwth his new gadget

aku yg excited lebey ape hal? LOL

this is the hardest part. salam mak..nanges kuat2 !!

25th March 2012
the reception
dewan perdana keramat

me n mr fiancee were the brides maid n bestman.

the crazee-sillee astro people ! 

the theme is 
candy bubble gum

and thats the photobooth props i made =) 

the photobooth

the pelamin

the guestbook corner

the candy buffet

a cotton candy tree !

the surprise : they sang 'penghujung cinta'

isn't she look stunning !

if you wanna see the vid
here it is 

#it will only be shown only for 2 weeks. after that it will be remove for finale editing by the videographer.

next week will be abg musz' reception
in bukit mahkhota if im not mistaken
and yes
me n mr fiancee will be the bridesmaid n bestman lagi
#gile kuasa

but the problem is
my boss refused to give me cuti
#pissed off

dah la 2 months takda cuti weekend
ni yang tetibe rasa nak mengungkit ni
padahal sblm ni ta da complaint pun even ta dpt cuti weekend

mama papa dah bising 
asik ta cuti weekend
bile nak sit n discuss with them about our wedding?

if by april still mcm ni lagi
i think better i request back to be in the CC

lagi senang dpt cuti


ok tetibe marah
spoilt je mood


will update u guys our wedding progress soon !

credit pics to : FBs, OP of musz+oshen the wedding.