Thursday, February 9, 2012

i'll be alone for the next 4 days

9th February 2012
woke up at 3.30am.
dikejut kan oleh my FBIL, afiq
mandi2 and we shoot off to LCCT
reached at about 5am

had our big breakfast at McDonalds

FBIL, Faris

FBIL, Afiq

Mr Fiancee ! 

and after a while the cousins aunties uncles pun sampai
ayah and umi pun juga.
(umi is his stepmother)

Their flight depart at 7.50am to Padang

yup mr fiance will be away till valentine.
14 feb baru die pulang.
sob sob =(

his biological father's side is orang minang.
one of his cousin is getting married
and so mereka pulang ke kampung to attend the wedding ceremony
and di sebabkan saya belom dapat lesen.
maka saya ta bole ikot. teeettt
actually ayah dah beli tiket flight & accommodation for the family since last year
which me n zhaf ta jumpe pun lagi at that time
so takkan last minute na beli tiket semua.
if so pun takot ta sama flight sme
so takpelah. 

and astro bukan senang nak bg cuti..kann?
chet !

yesterday was a horrible day for me
maklumlah tak pernah jauh
dok bekepit je
paling lame pun 3 harila tak jumpe 
almost every weekend, he and my youngest FBIL will come over to semenyih and sleep over
adik study with yaya for his PMR this year.
while zhaf will be preparing the engagement with me n papa
but now since dah engage dah pun
he normally come over and siapkan keje die
he will bring his workloads back home banyak nak M.

 last week masa cuti panjang thaipusam tu
his officework was crazyy
his in HR. and plus HQ office plak tu. so he took care of staffs all over Negeri Sembilan
Everything has to go through him and then his boss and last is the Pengarah.
berkotak2 files die kene sign and infact my sister yaya help him to key in all the data on his laptop.
i couldn't help much as i was working.
yes working on public hols. tell me about it ! 

satu perangai  die ni is
he loves to do his job by his own
bole je die suruh anak2 buah die buat
in terms of key in the data and all
but he say tape biar die buat
and one thing good is 
he will do his job without making much fuss about it
sometimes some people keje takde la banyak mana pun
tapi kecoh die macam satu office kene tau die tu banyak keje.

he hasnt get much sleep for the past few days because of the workloads
kadang2 tido kol 5 pagi
while i was happily making nice music inside since 11pm lagi
'krooooh krooohh krooohh'
ta dapat teman him cos esoknye i have to work at 8am

at home he prefer doing his work outside of the house. berangin katenye. plus easy for him to smoke.
die tak kire nyamuk2 yang mendatang.
but he likes it. i wouldn't say much. ta nak bebel2 and paksa die to come in.
kang makin in the end. i made him his drink and biarkan die happily buat keje kat luar.
there are times my brother will accompany him
while he smokes and reading comics.
bukan membantu zhaf pun
but zhaf said 'tapelah atleast ade geng cigi-time'

this is just half of it ye..crazy right ?

even i letak kepit kat rambut die pun he couldnt care less. too focus on the work

ok back to the story.
so this would be the first time we'l be in distance
and saya sedih.
maybe you would say
'poyo gile athirah' 
but this would be the first time. 
and first time would be the hardest part right
but indeed i have to get use to it
being in HR, he will often goes for courses outstations
and my job plak bukan senang nak amek cuti.
nak amek cuti kene plot one year earlier.
and even the plot pun belom tentu bole dapat.
*thats tahi kerbau right? i know*
(kalau cite pasal keje terus stress)
so ya, i have to get us to it.
sigh =!

so yesterday after sending them off
back to semenyih
had a short nap
packed and vrooooom off to work.

at about 4pm
i got a whatsapp notification on my S2

'heyooo sayang'

masa tu tgah mealbreak
dari tade selera terus rasa nak makan everything

my heart was so relief
knowing he manage to get an indonesian simcard and switched on his BIS
so skang bole whatsapp selalu

and smlm he topup 50ribu rupiah
called me
but we manage to chat about 3minutes je

but anyway at least dapat dgr suara.
and the best part he said.
ayah cakap
'nanti dah kawin, nak bawak tira datang sini'
yeayyy ! 

nak ! nak ! nak !

cepat ah kawennnn ! #gatal
facepunch gebushhh !!

and yesterday he send me these photo of his and FBILs
in bukit tinggi

montel nye tunang aku sorang ni..heheh~

 and thats it 
cukuplah tya membebel harini..

nak siap pg keje.
today masok kol 1pm

esok masok keje kol 3pm
nnt esok i make another post

have a great friday everyone !

toodles ~

Love, Tya


UyaRayza said...

wahhh memang minang pure nie..still ade relative dekat sane..bestnyeeee hehehe..dh kawen senang la nk melancong ke sane ;)

tYa athirAh said...

hehee.. ha ah org pure minang..
24hrs makan nasi padang je lah kot..