Monday, February 13, 2012

Silly Saturday

11th February 2012

guess what hapen

sebab terkunci dalam rumah
best tak?

absurd right?

the story goes like this
as yall know
there are times i stay in with my aunty 
in damansara
well on friday
i got back from work
straight to her house
tengah depan pintu
dok mengorek2 my handbag 
searching for the keys
my handbag is big
and i mean big big
ta caye ?

ha besar kan?
semua benda i campak dalam tu
sometimes even my lappy i sumbat dlm ni jugak
besar-besar  macam ni pun 
still i selalu misplace my stuff

so as i was searching for the keys
dalam my handbag yg macam tong sampah tu
suddenly kepala otak ni terpikir,
'asal tak tekan doorbell je ek'
and so i did. and my aunty opened up the door

so pencarian kunci saya tidak habis

the next day
was supposedly my last day answering calls
and being part of THR team
so semangat nak keje ni
my aunty went off at about 12pm
for a wedding at Hotel Singgahsana

and so i took my shower 
and by 1.45pm im ready for work
took the car keys on the table
and again
search for the house key dalam my giant handbag
where the heck is the key?
i da start panic.
and then i open the door
the grill is locked as well
dem ! macam mane nak keluar ni???!!

ok this is really crazy
habis satu rumah i carik the spare keys
but couldnt find it
called my aunty but she didnt pick up the phone
maybe dalam dewan tu bising agaknye

i  dont know what to do
whatsapp my dear team mates
ta tau ape nak buat
ta pernah kene kunci camni seh
panic seketika

called my brother afiq
and he said he can come to the rescue

jam dah menunjuk kan 2.50pm
i kene log in at 3pm
shit ! ape na buat ni..
my brother ta sampai2 lagi
called my PIC team, Andy
she passed over the phone to one of the TM
told her everything
and she said
'akak update awk EL la. nak ammend shift ta bole sebab awk shift kol 3. so EL la'

and thats it
i was on EL
sebab kene kunci dalam rumah

kene kunci dalam rumah
ta pegi keje
and ta bole pegi Astrofest
(Astrofest tu Astro Family Day)

that is just perfect !
saiko sekejap.

and my brother came to the rescue
he took my car key
went down the basement
search for the key inside the car
incase tercicir dalam keta
and true enuff
mmg dalam keta

geram ! 

and that's it

my saturday was soo dem silly for me

moral of the story

jangan nak ada handbag besar sangat macam tong sampah !



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♕ niaa ♔ said...

i pun ska beg besar2 gak..sbb sometime dia brguna sbb sumbat mcm2 sometime kna ambk iktibar from u la pas ni kna ingt mana brg letak :)))