Monday, January 9, 2012

Good news and i'm jumping like a monkey !

we got good news
a GREAT one !
guessss what
our house in cheras
yes we gonna stay there !!
lepas kahwin nanti ..
thank u papaaaaaa!!!

its a double strorey house
with 4 rooms
and i spend 10years grewing up there

*jumping like a monkey*


and papa already called the tenant 
and told them that we gonna move in by May
so they have to move out by then

we love there
coz dekat ngn surau
just walking distance
easy for zhaf nanti

and also senang
ikot jalan belakang dah sampai jusco cheras balakong
nak pegi midval tak da toll pun
nak pegi office pun tak da
but a bit far for zhaf to commute back and forth to his office in seremban
but die kate
he will upgrade his motorbike
then he can commute far
scooter die skang ni
mmg ta dapek la

zhaf kate
biar jauh utk die
but dekat utk aku
easy for me
coz i work shift hours and somtimes ends my shift at 12am
it will be dangerous for me to drive far

so ya
he agreed to stay there
he love the house

. . . 
more good news
aunty nah gave us her nice dining table with white marble table top
which zhaf love it so much
'marble top ni kite bole gelek pastry atas ni sayang..we can make puff pastries, curry puff, or even kuih for raya nanti'
ni die kalo dpt laki pandai pegang penggelek kuih tu..
and ada plak bini macam saya yang suke makan !
it makes two of us !

and aunty nah gave the 3+2 seater white sofa.
which me myself love it.
sangat comfy
i even slept on it.

also the fridge
the microwave
the oven toaster
the small box tv
(zhaf himself pun dah ade tv. so nnt ade 2 tv. bole letak kat 1 living hall atas. and 1 kat bwh. nnt kalo ade rezeki baru upgrade HD TV..heee)

sure ul be wondering 
sme aunty nah bagi 
habis aunty gune sofa ape
dining table ape


coz my aunty is moving to her new condo by jun this year
and she wanted to buy everything brand new for her new crib

a brand new 'L' shape sofa
we went to order it at Harvey Norman @Ikano
 customize according to her preffered color, design and fabric texture. 
dont ask about the price
ul pengsan just to hear it !
another piece of sofa i love to sleep on! hehehe

it looks like this. but different color and slightly shorter version

she also bought herself
a brand new dining table
also from Harvey Norman. with a gorgeous breath-taking italian marble top. 
(yes she love marble dining table)
like super sleek i tell you !
and dont u ever2 ask how much it cost
ur heart will just stop !

a brand new built-in fridge, microwave, oven so on and so forth.

so ya. since everything will be new in her new house
the old stuff die donate ke insan yang memerlukan seperti saya.!
orang bru kawin. baru nak idup.

we were thinking of finding ourselves a house
maybe just rent it for a start

sebab we already have some stuff 
and those are the main big big ones
so we need to find a house that fit all in
ingt nak carik teres setingkat 
kalo carik apartment bertingkat2
camne lah nak angkat those huge sofa, fridges, marble dining table
like super heavy !!

but then when papa said
to stay in his house in cheras 
me n zhaf were like speechless and super excited
and we cant wait to get married and move in to the house!
thank u papa
thank u
thank u
thank uuuuu !!

alhamdulillah sangat sangat sangat !!

and we already bought ourselves 
our bed !

chingggg !! 

and i just 
my bed 
its all i ever wanted !
old school design
with studded diamantes!
thank u sayanggg !

investing much into on a nice bed 
hey of couse lah 
thats where we gonna ..
well u know whut..
ok stop it athirah !

but then
i lost the receipt. !
so sayang saya kene call shop tu and tell them
even we will confirm the color by April and delivery will only be on May
even a long way to go
but still ,we have to tell them that we lost the receipt kan?
im so sorry syg coz ive lost the receipt
my bad =(
terlalu banyak receipt yg di simpan ni yayang
i need some help..

but then
sepatutnye that will be katil for bilik pengantin nanti
so the shop will hantar the bed to semenyih 
but then papa kate
'papa beli kan set baru lah for bilik pengantin nanti, katil kakak ni soh kedai tu hantar straight to the cheras house'

bilik pengantin nanti
im gonna use my sister's room
its the 2nd largest room 
tak leh gune master bedroom
tu bilik papa oo..mane bule kacau..heheh~
and my current room is the smallest room
dulu mase pindah sini, i got the smallest room
coz i wasnt around in the house much
 i was in boarding school, and then matriculation and then university
so 2nd room yaya dapat and 3rd room afiq dapat
while me got the smallest room.

but masa wedding nanti
pinjam bilik yaya ye...
nnt bilik yaya will have a brand new bed set papa sponsor
yeay for her !
tapi kakak yang rasmi dulu la

so ya
lega sangat
we already have a place to stay after marriage
already have 50% of the basic stuff and equipments to live
nanti sikit2 we beli barang to furnish the house

so i must say this
a zillion zillion ziiiiilion thank you
my papa
hes my hero !
everytime ! anytime !
heeee ! 
i love u papito !!

and to my beloved aunty nah 
for the stuff she gave
which we love it so much
it is more than we could ever ask for
thank u thank u sooo much auntyy !

love u both like a lot 
A LOT !!
A LOT !!


Love, Tya


Kerry Mirza said...

cheras?wahhhhhhhhhhh dekat la kita nanti!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!boleh kami p tumpang makan kat umah tirah *tetibe :p

tYa athirAh said...

hahahha..bolebole..kte ade chef in the house..hahahah!

Anis_Apis said...

so jealous!!!! like totally jealous!!!...

i'll be a weekend gonna stay at his company freaky bungalow...with swimming pool kering kontang...and the perabot - super oldies. haha.

btw, bapak ko sebijik muka zhaf..sekali pandang la...i guess the saying is right "girl will find someone like his father"

happy for u...nnt buat housewarming ya...

tYa athirAh said...

ul be ataying in a mansion i must say ! heheheh
best ape. uncle aku pun dlu guthrie.
rumah mansion like fuyooo..
but yup freaky.
and kalo sesat dlm umah jangan peliklah
sangat besar okk..

sme org kate dey look a lot alike
lesung pipit pun parking same je

Cik Puan said...

omggggg i suka katil tu....

Ummi Balqis Ismail said...

waaahhh, bestnyer tya...giler best!!!mmg betol2 rezeki nak kawen ni...feel hepi for you darl...=)

tYa athirAh said...

cik puan : thank u too ! hehee

tYa athirAh said...

ummi : thank u sayang !! alhamdulillah..mintak2 di permudahkan..

dila v(^_^)v said...

0k jeles.huhu..bestnya tra..i'm happy f0r u..murah rzki nk kawen kan..

tYa athirAh said...

lala: alhamdulillah..di permudahkan lah hendaknye..korg doa kan la ye..kte doa sama2 utk sama2..ching ! hehee~

dhiera said...

weee... same la kite tya. my parents pun bagi rumah jugak! wink wink...excited kan nak masuk rumah. wehuu

tp tya lagi best sebab masuk rumah cuci kaki ye. semuanya dah ready inside.

tisjustME said...

Lucky girrrrl!!!