Friday, February 10, 2012

in utmost gratitude

10th February 2012
was just a normal day
i thought
at first

pagi bangun
super malass
duduk depan lappy
while having wheatmeal pancake with manuka honey for breakfast

jari jemari ini pula
sebok menaip and update this blog
for my darling readers

then off to work

working macam biasa
answering calls 
then suddenly dapat email from boss
'please see me NOW'
yes kawan kawan
capslock NOW.
darah macam dah naik kepala
dada dupdapdupdap
dalam kepala ni pikir.
'kak mai nak marah sbb dpt BE bulan december ke?'
and siap tanya my team-mate Ama
'amaa nak jawab ape ni?'

and so , i put my status to briefing
and slowly walk to the boss' cubicle
duduk2 je depan die
dah start panic.
oh crap !
mata dah berair. telan air liur

tetibe kak mai said.
'awak apply RTFM kan.?'
saya angguk
'u have been selected, and blablabla'
the rest was history
kepala dah ke lain
dah macam in shock
badan macam cramp
and still otak tengah digesting bits and pieces coming out from kak mai's pair of lips

'awk ada lagi follow up cases ta?'
saya geleng

'ok pasni jmpe razique (my new boss) he might need to brief u blablabla '
mata ni terkebil2 sbb otak still tengah digesting

and suddenly this lips moved and said
'kak mai bukan nak marah pasal tya BE call accuracy last month ke?'

seriously since masok byond team ni ta pernah BE kot.
tak pernah sampai kene coaching
maybe since last month was extremely hectic
super busy with the engagement
sampai jawab call pun ta betol.
i regret that. 

and then kak mai terus tukar topic marah pasal BE
yes! padan muke saya
i asked for it.
terus kene jawab
padahal that wasn't the purpose she called at the first place
tapi bak kate andy my officemate
sendiri bukak pekong di dada

i regret that. BE and kene coaching sangat ta best !
and affect my PMS and at the end my bonus.
demmit !

but anyway..
hati ini happy tak terkata
i have been applying every positions @hotjobs portal tu
sampai jadi DJ pun aku apply
padahal bukan pandai bercakap laju2 mcm DJ pun
silap2 bole tutup radio station tu sbb tak de org nak dengar suara ni bercakap
tp punya lah nak try something new
apply aje..

i have been a CSE for 3 years
answering calls
handling all type of cases and human behaviors
i grew from handling general calls, then up to technical, and lastly on march
dapat masok byond team

my TM didn't know just yet
until i told him late lastnight
he is still on his leave
having fun in KK
panjat gunung kinabalu
so when i told him via whatsapp
he said :
'alaaa sape nak buat deco2 lagi dgn saya. tak nak kawan!'

well, i had the best TM in town!
sekepala, sengal and lampi macam saya !
my TM is creative and selambe.
and when he's around die sangat membantu kami
never say no to any escalation call from customer
and ive been with him in other activities in the office
decoration for courtesy campaign, deco for halloween, deco for RnR
sampai stayback 2pagi la keje2 men-deco 
we both just love decorating

oh u know what
i have never ever make up as a hantu before
but because of him
menjadi my dedicated tukang make up 
siap tya menang Queen of Horror lagi..
This is how we celebrate halloween at the office

see how crazy we are ? 

all n all
TM didie rawks!

and also
THR extraordinary super cool saiko wacko team-mates!
*tibe2 rasa taching~
='( dem !

with the initial members of THR

tapi skang team-mate pas sorg2 pegi department or team lain
and ade yang dah resign
and ade yang baru masok
and teammates baru ni sangat sangat best!
masok air jugak kepala macam ktorg
kila, kak pah, abg mojojojo, niena

this time is my turn plak going off
and today is my last day being part and working together with them
sobsob =(
dem taching !

THR team-mates : nanti kalau buat briefing / outing makan2 pizza ke, kfc ke, pegi air terjun ke. jangan lupe tya tau...

  so ya
i applied almost all vacancy yang ade in this company
dey called for interview but eventually 
i didnt got the job

so this time
wasn't expecting much
hoping? yes of course.
but not putting such high hope
takot kalo tak dapat kang sedih

went for the interview last week
right after the engagement
so mcm ta sangka this week die dah panggil 
and in a short notice, next monday dah start report

all and all
syukur sangat2
i have always wanted to try into management plak
been in operation for quite awhile
dah answering calls for 3 years
and honestly speaking.
getting bored with it.

so now. no more answering calls.
yeay for me !

smlm called both of my parents on my way back from work
(i balik damansara, my aunty's hse)
mama n papa was excited
atleast i move on a step
thats all that matters
had a few kata2 semangat from papa

whatsapp my hero
even hes a far
from the way he put it in words
i know he is as excited as i am

my two brother n sister
was excited as well
siap dedicate lagu 'congratulation' kat FB

dey all now i really want the job
even act mcm cool je
padahal nakkk sangat !

all i want to say is

my utmost gratitude to the bosses and mates
that perhaps give any recommendations on me
and gave the opportunity
for me to learn something new
and do well with it
i promise to put my highest ever commitment and effort on this

To my new boss
hope he can bare with me in this first stage of learning process
athirah ni suke banyak tanya
hope he wont get annoyed
and i appologize incase i do slight mistake on papers or on decision making
i will learn all
and i promise to catch up fast 
try my level best not to let him down


weeeeeeeeeeewiiit !

Love, Tya


[az azhari]™ said...

congratulations sweetie!! rezeki org nk kawen!!

tYa athirAh said...

hehhee..alhamdulillah...! weeewitt !

Anis_Apis said...

Pasni jadi dj ke thiera? Hehehe