Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The photobooth props

good day everyone

this time im gonna review about my photoprops
its actually the one i made for 
kak oshen + abg musz
wedding reception the other day

im glad people love it
and hati ku berbunga2 when people capture moments with it
#motip sangat

so lets see ~

the sticks

vintage frame own collection =)

the photobooth props =)

they brought along on their outdoor photoshoot session 
and pose with it.
funny !

and my two office mates Kila n Andy posed with it

and after the event, me n mr fiancee snap our silly faces with it


Thanks also to my sister n mr fiancée helping around in the making of it 

im gonna make more for my wedding nanti
so you guys can snap a zillion pose with it !

you guys interested?
and wanna have it ?

no biggy i can do it for you.



credit pics to : own collection, FBs, OP of musz+oshen-the wedding.



Ummi Balqis Ismail said...

waahhhh, sgt kretip lah!!!tp my wedding br je lepas...n x sempat pon nak buat all dis things...xpelah wish u best of luck dear!!

FY said...

bestnye!!! enjoy kan kalau dpt pergi wedding yg ade props mcm ni..takde la boring sgt

Rina Hamid said...

Wahhhh sgt adorable..tya nak jugakkkk!! Buat kt i ples..heheheh

Rina Hamid said...
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Rina Hamid said...
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Andrea 'Ryu' Haruko said...

gmbr andy msuk la..... ngeeeee

Andrea 'Ryu' Haruko said...

wah..... gmbr andy pn ada.... hehehe

Nurzahirah said...

sgt cute !! mcm mane ye nak buat props cmtu?tingin nk wat tok majlis sndiri :)