Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Engagement - The List

8 days to go.
and see what we have settled so far.

Zhaf's Hantaran to me (100% DONE)
its totally DIY.
hrni die dah bawak balik seremban to show to his mama
and FMIL loves it.
'wahh..cantik..mama suke!'

5 dulang settle !

1. Sirih + Cincin (Sirih will be done on the day itself)
2. Al-Quran
3. Telekung + Ensiklopedia Solat
4. Kain Nikah 
5. Macaroons ( Ordered & Pickup 27/01/12 @ Ampang )

How does it look like?

let me just tease u a bit. hehhee~

able to figure out how it is ? =P

My Hantaran to him (90% DONE)
1 je dulang ta settle lagi gubahan die.
sebab tunggu buku yang dah order

7 dulang
6 done 1 to go

1. Sirih (will be arrange on the day itself)
2. Tafsir Al-Quran
3. Kain Nikah + buku 'Aku terima Nikahnya'
4. Sejadah
5. Chocolates - M&Ms ( Yes die nak m&m je sebab he likes it colourful..hehe )
6. Chocolate Pinata ( Pick-up 28/01/12 morning @ BSC)
7. Pulut kuning + Rendang / Serunding (mama will make it a day before)

and how does it look like?
let me just show u the flowers~

 just fall in love with the color !

as for the mini pelamin
that my super daddy built for me.
and with my magic hands and brain
its 50% siap.
friday sampai ahad ni cuti.
hopefully manage to settle by this weekend.
even boifee kursus sampai sabtu. *sigh*
(and shyte i have to work on CNY. demmit!)

things to settle :
Kain for ruffles around the pelamin (cream color 2metres and purple lavender 2metres)
papa will settle the plywood for the platform
paper lantern arrangements
paper fans
doily lamp shades
floating candles
fresh flowers

can imagine how it looks like?

The Sweet Treats 
for deco and tags
di serahkan to Sheila a.k.a Gedik
the multimedia graphic designer with super creative mind
i also bought tiny little lanterns for deco
and cream color satins

ordered cupcake bouquet from Homemade Scratch Baking
had email them today hopefully dey confirm it by tomorrow
i ordered the large one with 96 cuppies 
Thanks to Groupon ! =)

Other sweets and candies
this friday nak pegi gudang kat cheras with mommy to buy those

The Delights Buffet
for this also Gedik will handle the deco and tags
cakes ordered with aunty nah's friend 
Kuih2 talam mama ordered
mango puddings instant - will make it one day before

The Choco Fountain
chocolate bar 2 kg
fruits - grapes, apples and bananas
biscuit sticks
deco and tags - Gedik

The Caterer
papa's nephews catering company
RM10 per person
hopefully ok food die
if ok papa kate will deal for the wedding plak nanti.
will see how...

The Canopy
ni lah satu2 nye yang wat ktorg susah hati and bengang gile!
YSA events
never met him. contact through phone je.
but then selambe je bayar
trusting my instincts saying that they can be trusted
dah payed 40%
itupun receipt & agreement die ta bagi2
dah 2 minggu tunggu
zhaf dah call
i dah msg
agaknye die nak tunggu bapak aku call kot.
Fyi, papa yang bayar, so of coz he wants to see the receipt in black & white
tadi zhaf dah call. die kate 'yang mane eh? nak berapa eh?"
ko lupe ke?ko jangan main gile. nearly a week to go.
haih..mentang2 aku ni 2 je canopy set 
ko amek sambil lewa je eh.
jangan tibe2 die kate oh stock tade. 
patu td ckp mcm nak letak cepat2
they shall bare in mind
if the service is very very bad
papa would not and i say
consider to have them as our canopy vendor for our wedding nanti
u can say byebye
and if they buat tahi on my engagement day nnt
by not showing up ke or the canopy sucks.
(dahlah ade fairy lights)
dey better watch-out
coz i know my daddy very well. 
n trust me dey gonna get it.
and a good one i promise.

so anyway. dey promise to install the canopy the night before
27th. malam. to test the fairy lights and all.
and that night plak Astro CCC annual dinner.
i have to go kejap and amek doorgift and manelah tau kot2 nama naik lucky draw ke
untung2 dpt honeymoon kat melbourne *berangan*
so i wouldnt be around when they install the canopy

mintak2 dey do well.

The  Centrepiece
done with the arrangement
only need one more mirror and floating candles
This is the thing we are so excited about.
kalo jadi mmg cun lah !

The Music
papa will be the one to setup the speakers and all
and yaya my little sister is incharge of the music arrangement
ko dah buat ke belom yoyot?
make a playlist on the lappy 
and burn 1 cd just incase
ur the DJ-lady. 
erk. motif?  pfft !

The Doorgifts
from ARTHARA weddings
thanks to ILoveDiscounts
hehee..discounts are girls bestfriend !
and now the problem is.
ape nak letak dlm ni?
any idea?

So thats it

i will reveil and review all after the event nanti ye !

Nitey nite nite !
Sleep tite
don't let the bed bug bite !


Love, Tya


Farhana IezAna said...

wah u pny eday mriahny..mcm nk kwen..hihi

Anis_Apis said...

Ni e-day ke nak nikah yang? hahaha anyway i will try to drop by after work on friday and see what I can do ehhehe... see ya babe

::Aja:: said...

tya!wowwww.u nak tunang ke nikah ni?over you..ahakssss.anyway..good luck wif the plan..about d canopy..bile die stat wat hal mcm tyme, dun hire them anymore..byk lagi compny yg provide canopy..k?>_<

dhiera said...

tya, teliti ye...
tak sabar nak tengok semua outcome. treaser ni tak best macam the really look! hehehe

hantaran utk zhaf tu pakai bola bulat2 yg kilat2 tu ke? hahaha. tak tahu nama. aiyak!

munirah said...

hi tya!wow!soo detail ur engagement!btw,love ur flower!the combination!u bli mana bunga tu?since i xreti plih2 bunga2 ni ~_~