Monday, February 20, 2012

The.Wed.Hantaran : His Scent

Last weekend we were also searching for a perfume
for the both of us
There's a few scent that we love
and was on our list
let see the top 4 that make it to the cut.

#statement macam america next top model. buwek!

currently mr fiancee is using this one


i like it tho
but die kate 
ta na same ape yg die ade skang

so the choices that he have in mind was

Bau die sedap gile
sangat manly
but despite the saleslady tu
cina tua yang memaksa ktorg beli jgk
buat ktorg rimas n walk off from the shop
desperate nak sales la teww..

Mr fiancee like this like a lot alot
plus bapok yang promote kat ktorg tu kepochi gile n sgt baik

bentuk dumbbell
so kalau agak2 malas nak gi gym
pakai je perfume ni n angkat die
dah serupalah angkat dumbbell.

this one he already used it before
so die ta na sama lagi

i just love this smell
bau die sangat playboy..

this piece is Afiq my FBIL's
so mr fiancee tak nak sama dgn adik die plak

kalau pegi dekat the garden
the packaging sangat cantik
it gave sekali with the after shave cream and shower gel (i think)
So which one do you think he chose?
nanti i bgtau k..

Till then


Sunday, February 19, 2012

The.Wed.Hantaran: The Satchel

heylo dear readers..
how was your monday so far?
still got the blues aint?
my weekend was so packed with activites
in search of my hantaran stuff

work at morning
finish at 5pm
shoot off to midvalley,garden,sogo and pavillion

memula tu just nak survey2 barang dlu,
see what we can get the best deal
with the budget that we allocate for

so for 
i have eyeing on some handbag or satchel
for the hantaran.
ada tu yg within the budget
ada yang tak
sebab mahal nak mampos
dem dem dem
so yang tak tu
kte byebye lah

i wanted to have a satchel
the one with the top holder
coz i like to hold and kepit kat tangan macam ni...

so ya.
lets see whats that beautiful on the eyes of the beholder
#how i wish im holding this.

im aiming on this.


@The Garden

Mount Perry Helena

Gorgeous isnt it?
dem dem dem
This was the first handbag i fall in love with
after a long walk down every boutique at The Garden

Next is also from Kate Spade

Japanese Floral Melinda

Its black  n white and goes well with any color combination of dress your wearing
i love it cos its Fabric but the hard part is.
saya si ganas ni susah nak jaga die sbb die white.

Ok this is one bag that mr fiancee was eyeing on
The good thing about him is
he dont mind walking alone at pavillion,sogo and garden
while waiting for me to finish work

surveyed on handbags and perfumes for me
and when he found one thats nice
he will call me
snap a photo of it
and sent
and if i like it
then he will bring me along to see for my self.
and by the time die bawak i
the salesgirl already kenal die
and die borak like dah kenal lame

so yup
this is one handbag that he like



Madison Patent Maggie

its purple and its my favourite color.
i love it. !


@The Garden

Bimba and Lola Fall-Winter 2012 collection

cantik kannn? 
but its above the budget
so byebye bimbalola
mommy's gonna get you one day
hang in there!



Anya Hindmarch Belvedere Bag

 Anya Hindmarch Peephole Nude Velvet Calf 
these are also one of my favourite
the soft texture of it just makes me floating in the air
Anya Hindmarch pieces just make me wanna say
but then these are also beyond our budget
so byebye Anya =(




Micheal Kors Bedford Extra-Large Bowling Satchel in Burnt Orange

i just love the color !!! 

and as i walked in Micheal Kors 
my eyes was like
as my eyes lay on this piece

Micheal Kors Grayson Sequin Satchel

i was like Oh-Em-Geezzz!
i just love bling bling
and my eyes goes wink wink !

ok this is my ultimate ultimate ultimate
dream bag
istighfar banyak kali athirah

and dont ask how much does it cost at the boutique
it cost

if only i can lay my hands on this baby

only in my dream..

so presenting to you



Burberry Aligator Whip-stitch Bag


mr fiancee asked me to choose one
as long as it is within his budget

i've decided to 
hold that thought right there


all pic cerdit to ; pakcik google

Till then,


Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterday was pretty hectic
as usual

pagi mcm biasa wat report 
sent off  the email at 8.08am
under the monitoring eyes of CJ
thanks Cj !

tu pun ada silap sikit kt report tu
saya belajar !

ta sempat even to grab a breakfast
boss da dtg
my partner Dhiva cuti smlm
so i sorang2 je.

sat with boss like until 1.30pm
discussion after discussion
and tibe2 rasa super lapa
maybe the brain says
'i need a rest'

and so went and grab my lunch
half an hour je
than back infront of the pc
smlm ddk dgn boss the whole day buat some arrangement
and which i know people will hate me for that
smlm ta buat ape2 lagi dah ade yg sound n marah2

managing is not an easy job
and we never can please everybody

and papa said the same thing

speaking from a managing director himself. 

well whatever it is.
i realize that this not gonna be an easy peasy job
its a new team, a new role
therefore lotsa things need to be done and manage
some people will like it
some people will not
some people can adapt to it easily
some will never want to accept it
its a nature
whatever it is
i have to face it
dgn hati yg kental

honestly speaking
sometimes i worried
that people will hate me for this
and i will tend to lose my friends in the office

boss kate
'bile org da pilih,
meaning people trust you
and you have to trust yourself
that you can do it !
and knowing people percayakan kite
we have to do it at our utmost level best
to show to the people that you deserve it'

berusaha !

but thank god i have such a cool boss and a partner Dhiva !
both are helpful and motivating

mintak2 la org ta benci saya.

keep telling my self
i can pull this off
i will be just fine !

and today
is my offday !

tomorrow is my first day
handling the report and floor
without my boss around
yup.on my own
dulu datang jawab call
doing my own stuff
and then balik

this time?
nebes tetibe
hopefully i have the team managers help me in case im blur about anything
which i am
blur and lampi
bak kate my previous boss Didie

saya budak baru belajar
kalau salah tolong tunjuk kan ye..

wish me luck !

So today woke up late
aunty went off for an appointment

im gonna take my shower in a short while
pack up and shoot off back home
Hero and adik will be coming over
adik is on weekend tuition with my sister yaya
every weekend
nak PMR this year
so he have to struggle hard 
adik can do it ! 

petang karang nak dating !
well actually to discuss stuffs about our wedding
nak finalize this and that
and make a decision about the whole theme and hantaran.

nasib dapat lelaki jenis bole buat berbincang

and plus
nak tengok2 hantaran
weeeee !
survey dulu...

gosh lagi 4++ months je ?

cant wait !


ok. stop it !

anyway peepol
i wish u'l have a great day 
and a wonderful weekend

till then


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Heyloo peepol
how was ur week so far?
well mine was pretty hectic

as i mention on my previous post
yesterday was my first day as a new role

belajar buat report 
discussion after discussion

my brain is trying to digest everything
banyak benda nak belajar

but its ottey
athirah would be just fine

reached the office at 7.45 sharp!
terus naik level 7
buat report with CJ
after sending the email off
baru lega hati ini

pastu gi belajar with kak liza plak

then went down
done some stuff

then at 5pm
nak balik
tapi tgk luar tingkap
jammed like helll  !
ok im not gonna go out now.
dah la drive manual
mau patah kaki aku ni kang
and so i lepak at the office kejap
email out ape yg patut..

by 8pm 
disebabkan tak ble tahan
coz its nearly 12 hours in the office
i went off

reached my aunty's house at 9pm
washed up
on my lappy
and trus write this blog

and at the same time
tengah whatsapp with Hero.

and suddenly rasa macam ta sabar nak kahwin

just ignore the top & bottom message..heee

2 org budak kelaparan tengah berangan kahwin


ok super sleepy
asik menguap je dr tadi
esok keje pagi lagi.
nak dodo

nite nite peepol.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Silly Saturday

11th February 2012

guess what hapen

sebab terkunci dalam rumah
best tak?

absurd right?

the story goes like this
as yall know
there are times i stay in with my aunty 
in damansara
well on friday
i got back from work
straight to her house
tengah depan pintu
dok mengorek2 my handbag 
searching for the keys
my handbag is big
and i mean big big
ta caye ?

ha besar kan?
semua benda i campak dalam tu
sometimes even my lappy i sumbat dlm ni jugak
besar-besar  macam ni pun 
still i selalu misplace my stuff

so as i was searching for the keys
dalam my handbag yg macam tong sampah tu
suddenly kepala otak ni terpikir,
'asal tak tekan doorbell je ek'
and so i did. and my aunty opened up the door

so pencarian kunci saya tidak habis

the next day
was supposedly my last day answering calls
and being part of THR team
so semangat nak keje ni
my aunty went off at about 12pm
for a wedding at Hotel Singgahsana

and so i took my shower 
and by 1.45pm im ready for work
took the car keys on the table
and again
search for the house key dalam my giant handbag
where the heck is the key?
i da start panic.
and then i open the door
the grill is locked as well
dem ! macam mane nak keluar ni???!!

ok this is really crazy
habis satu rumah i carik the spare keys
but couldnt find it
called my aunty but she didnt pick up the phone
maybe dalam dewan tu bising agaknye

i  dont know what to do
whatsapp my dear team mates
ta tau ape nak buat
ta pernah kene kunci camni seh
panic seketika

called my brother afiq
and he said he can come to the rescue

jam dah menunjuk kan 2.50pm
i kene log in at 3pm
shit ! ape na buat ni..
my brother ta sampai2 lagi
called my PIC team, Andy
she passed over the phone to one of the TM
told her everything
and she said
'akak update awk EL la. nak ammend shift ta bole sebab awk shift kol 3. so EL la'

and thats it
i was on EL
sebab kene kunci dalam rumah

kene kunci dalam rumah
ta pegi keje
and ta bole pegi Astrofest
(Astrofest tu Astro Family Day)

that is just perfect !
saiko sekejap.

and my brother came to the rescue
he took my car key
went down the basement
search for the key inside the car
incase tercicir dalam keta
and true enuff
mmg dalam keta

geram ! 

and that's it

my saturday was soo dem silly for me

moral of the story

jangan nak ada handbag besar sangat macam tong sampah !



b2b wedding crash : Kak Kerry & Renee's big day

12th February 2012
crash weddings of the b2bs
with jamme

its the big day for my dearie sister
Kak Kerry 
with her beloved hubby and my bestfriend

Kak kerry is one of the b2b
but initially she is like a big sister to me
She was my senior coursemate back in UM
and my exbf was her classmate
when i was rocky with my ex
she were the one i confide to
she listens and calm me down
same goes with her
when she is sad n in tears
i'l listen and try to comfort her
convincing her that everything will be okkay =)

and then as i graduated
she offered me a job
in IMR as research assistant
thanks to her
i got my first job!

that Mr Nice guy
was one quiet guy in class
well i still remember
when we were just a few weeks
starting off our first sem first year
me and wina was in search of a cute guy
konon2 pembakar semangat nak pegi class
and somehow me and wina berebut kan mirza
and kadang2 tu selambe je konon2 gaduh rebutkan mirza depan die
'mir aku punye la' 
'takk aku punye aku nampak dulu'
and we laugh about it.
mirza knew that it was just a tease
all he would say 
'sabar2 jangan rebut aku. satu satu la'
whattt..die ingt die aaron aziz? ombak rindu sangat.,.

both of them were there when heavy rain pours
down on me

back in the days
when i need someone to talk to
i will sometimes text them both

so ya.
we knew each other since like 2005 

and the day i heard they we're together
aku yang melonjak2 macam monyet

pada tanggal 12 February
the moment i heard
'aku terima nikah khairiyah binti khalid dengan mas kahwinnya tiga ratus ringgit tunai'
and those 2 saksi mengangguk
i broke down to tears
tak caya tanya jamme

a night before the day
i called mirza
'mir, amcam org nak menikah nii.'
and he sound so excited. he laugh,
'dah practive banyak kali dah ni weh'
i know he can do it.
and he did !

after all they went thru
the have strongly gone thru it together
till they reach this day

nebes ye kak?

nebes jugak mamat ni..hhee

the hantarans

oh, mirza is a kayakers in UM. so that explains the kayak and fishes on the cake =)

the bridesmaids

done with the solemnization
we move to the hall where the reception will be held
and we love the pelamin
simple n sweet !
love it !

and we met with zimie
one of b2bs as well
she came with her mr fiancee
she is such a dolly
but eventually we havent had much time to chat
hope next met-up we could catch up =)

then we head to renee's reception
at bukit damansara
the pelamin was awesome
and renee is one gorgeous bride !

we all sampai ngam2 die nak potong cake 
and that 3 tier cake were gorgeous as well !

the food was nyummy i tell u
sampai si jamme bawak balik brochure die 
The Caterer : Sri Payung

and we met another three lovely b2bs
Rina Lia, Heriena and Haliza
we snap a few photo of ours

They just love magic pens and crayons !

and thats it
we went back
with belly full !

Thanks to my little bro Afiq - de driver