Friday, July 12, 2013

Blue Round Thing

dah 2 hari kita berpuasa ye.
and today is the 3rd day already
which means 26 days to go 

thinking of Raya make me just so thrilllll ! 

ok stop it.

anyway since during Ramadhan, well as yall know, traffic is like hell ! (opps. puasa. sorry. mind ur words woman! )
since traffic is crazy, i'm doing a favor to ze dear hubster by going back by train for the whole month 
so that he wont have to go thru the heavy traffic in and out of KL just to pick me up from work. 
oh yeah. walk n walk and standing all the way was i tell you. tiring. 
last time i ever use public transport was back then when i was with IMR. 
kalau nak drive pun, my little tenggiling yang suka buat perangai kejap ada aircond kejap tak sometimes pisses me off. there was a time when i reached the office sweating like a pig coz the aircond stopped half way through. it was like two in the noon for god sake. the sun was straight up. 
elok pulak stopped at the traffic lights with bus next to you. it was oven hot! 

but i misses the car so much of coz. berjasa banyak tu. love you tenggiling! 

since i bought a better car, i preferred driving coz even going thru crazy traffics i can sing out loud while eating junkies, with well conditioned, yet still enjoying myself in the car. so less stress.
differ when you go by public transport. well. u know. sardines. sigh

so anyway. i juuuust got to know that Rapid KL dah maju owkay.
went straight to the ticket counter to purchase the tix. hand the lady the yellow note (RM20) and instead of giving me a card and balance, she gave me change.
i'm like, hello lady. i need tix please. 
akak ni pekerja baru agaknye. i thought. 
ya right. kamu yang batak tak pernah naik train. 
excuse me. bukan tak pernah ye. correction : dah lama tak naik train.

i made a cute confuse face to the lady. And still, standing there. *sob*
'dik beli disana ye'. she said while pointing to a row of machines at the opposite side.
still confuse, i walked to the machine.
ah sudoh! camane gaya nak tekan ni? its asking to select location but there's only route map of the train, 
or should i .. (while my point finger keeps touching the screen) 
and d screen then shows, "KL sentral"
and i'm like 'OH my!. that's how it is!"
nampak tak fefeeling tourist di situ? (muntah)
jakun sebenarnye. 

and after a while.
sounds like a coin just drop. 
its a blue round thing. 
jakun lagi. 

i took a train to KL Sentral and changed to KLIA Transit heading to Putrajaya
and pak supir ku akan menunggu di sana. i mean my ever handsome husband. ihik! 

walked from the office di temani si ipod. 

on the 1st puasa we ate free at my parent's place. (who pay eating at the parents anyway? of cos it's free. duh! )
and on the 2nd day puasa. we had fried oysters, asam pedas and yong tau foos,
 at Zhaf's favourite yong tau foo spot. 
Food court Uptown Damansara
it was yummaih i tell you! 

ze fried oyster. 

pardon his 'in shock' face. he love to do that face and i do not know why. oh well, it's cute to me. so i'm fine. hahaha! 

and we had our Maghrib at a nearby mosque.

then. we went over to OU.
and Zhaf got his thang! 

what thang?

the thang he keep on saying he wants it.

say what?


nanti i'll show you the pic. but not now.

till then folks,

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pink or Blue?

I've been into a lot of thinking recently. I was like..hmm..what am i gonna do with my life? Am i like gonna be working on shift basis for the rest of my life? how to raise a child with me working on odd hours? 

was tossing and turning everyday before sleep..looking straight at the ceiling..and i looked right.. well, Zhaf will be, and always be, in deep no ones business.. krooooohh~ pfft! 
mimpi apekah yang enak sangat tido tu bang oi..


even we feel like we are ready for it but
tuhan lebih mengetahui kan


i thought to myself,
 i shall make some changes and insyallah kalau tuhan beri rezeki zuriat nanti..everything would be ready for him or her. 

first step is to make my working time normal
and when i say normal. well you know im on shift basis. and that's not normal (which lasted 4 years owkay!)
honestly, i really salute those mommies whom working on shift with well raised children
i don't think i can ever do that. Even Zhaf wouldn't want me to be still on shift basis as when his child is born. juggling between working on odd hours and raising a child i guess will be extremely tough
so ya. i made up my mind. and this is final.

i started to went on job hunting-mode
went through 'Hot Job" (its an internal vacancy portal thingy within the company) and clicked on every possible post that i may applied for. (i even apply for a DJ post okkay? like hello..i dont think people would ever want to hear my squeaky voice on radio..they will definitely switch it OFF! )

i went through Jobstreet , Jobcenter and whatever jobsearch engine there are in the planet! 

as when then i whatsapp-ed my darling friend-cum-excoursemate back in UM , Azwina. she's in HR in a good company. i imagine we're working in the same office and sure it'll be soo much fun! like the good old days.. :) 
 but too bad there were no vacancies.


so anyway,  in just 4 days (from the day i made up my mind) till i received an offer..well, soon im gonna be in a new environment, new boss, new colleagues, with a better pay..and most importantly..a normal working hours. yippie! 

one pretty good thing for sure, i now have my weekends and public holidays just as Zhaf and we can go visit our families much often ! 
oh.. and make babies too ! muahahahahaha~

i'll definitely gonna miss my current office and colleagues really bad..the hectic environment, the wonderful, cheerful, kecoh office mates, and my ohsum possum WFM teammates.. shoot! im gonna miss all that like a lot a lot ! 

im now serving my notice. but not long i must say. 3 days to go. 

sigh. its so tough being a grown up rite? lots of thinking, lots of juggling, lotsa lots of commitments.

oh well how i miss being a kid, where the hardest decision in life was like picking which crayon to use.
hmm... Pink or Blue eh? 

till then,


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

testing one two three

testing via blogger-droid just installed on my phone.

for blogging on the go.. yay!

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A year and many more years to come

Life as a married woman definitely something..and when i say's almost everything and anything is related to it.
2 years ago, i was going crazy with the job, i was a workaholic i must say. 
stayed late. like really late to finish up works and tasks
together with my best buddy , Basri a.k.a Bubuz the Hulk, coz he's huge and turns green when he's angry. muhaahaha!
 (im sorry Bubuz if you're reading this)
We were together from day one on training. like 4 years ago.
Were a team ever since till he became one of the team manager now.
in my mind is all about money money and M.O.N.E.Y
i neglect things like a lot.
i even met an accident on my way back from work (which i was late for a family celebration)
crazy huh. i know. 

i then met with this one man who made me realize that one of the most important thing in life is to have someone to love you as who and what you are. 

and something, anything, everything are all about family.

well we then in less than a year, married to each other.

its a year already and it has been an exciting year i must say
we went thru rough times together, sick and cried together and in the end laugh together.

it was an awesome year

our anniversary was pretty much relax and more to spending time together at home, going out for movie dates (like twice in 3 days), nice dine out, and even cooked dinner together.

the day was actually falls on 7th July which is on Sunday,
but ya we consider ourselves celebrated the whole 3 days in row! muahaha~ 

started off on Friday,
we went to re-do our henna
we made a pact to redo our henna on every anniversary
just for fun. make us feel like newly wed. (konon)
like you know mat saleh will renew their vows after a few years,
well ya we kinda renew our henna.
bole macam tu?
but its just that this time i chose a simple design
tak payahlah nak meriah2 sangat ala2 pengantin kan.
and Zhaf only did those 3 right fingers coz his left fingers chipped around the nails so akan pedih the moment henna is put on the tip of the fingers. 
after about half an hour Zhaf went for Friday prayers and i stayed for my turn
we did it with Kak Noor from Noor Henna Collection 
the designs are really really pretty and Kak Noor have a good pair of hands on this one
trust me! 
last time for the wedding i chose 'Set Pengantin' which cost about RM150-RM180 
but this time around, since it's our 2nd time and it's more just for fun, we got good price for sure, only RM80 ! 
yippie yoo! 

please do ignore my 'fleshy' hands :(

and my fat toes :)

we then went over to OU for movie,
bought tickets and straight for late lunch coz we're darn hungry

It's Dubu-Dubu !
it was our first time actually. Bff Mejetol keep saying the foods are good so ya we decided to give it a try.

we received 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' wishes almost every store we went in.
and it gives us a huge big grin all the way out :) 

we went for Despicable Me 2 at BeaniePlex TGV
also it was our first time
it was extremely comfy! 
Zhaf was landing himself comfortably ignoring me like totally!
selalunye tengok movie adalah hugging ke, holding hands ke kan. 
this is like. None. 
but anyway, i was enjoying myself too. 
the cinema was pretty much empty. only about 5 or 6 couples i guess. 
and everyone was laughing like no ones business. 

didn't snap any photo in there, so i just grab this one from Mr Google :)

after the movie, Zhaf brought me for a dessert at Haagen Dazs Mont Kiara

and we ordered my favorite Banana Split! 

we ended our day then and slept like logs. Bellyfull. Full Stop.

the next day nothing much as we woke up late. bergolek-golek on bed till 3pm 
got ourselves up and ready to go back to the in-laws in Seremban
they held a 'tahlil' for arwah paklong that night.
Zhaf's late paklong left us 2 days before our nikah day.
Zhaf's was sad as late arwah was the spokesperson for our engagement ceremony or should i say 'wakil pihak lelaki'. he was fit and healthy at that time.
the whole family definitely misses him alot.

sunday morning at the in laws.

I've always love the wooden door entrance at the in laws.

we had a night at in laws
and the next day spent the day with mama-in-law chatting and looking thru our wedding albums
reminiscing the memorable day
laughing on some silly things happened on that day
all and all we thank both our parents for such wonderful wedding 
we will repay you with a grandchild okay? *wink*

mama-in-law and the step-father in-law looking through our wedding photos

the lepak spot at the in-laws. apologize on the kurang sopan pose of my dear husband :p

so that late evening around 4pm we drove back to KL but made a stop at my parents place.
eventually papa wasn't around. busy preparing for his big presentation the next day.
so mama and little brother Afiq went for a late lunch at Pizza Hut. and we joined them

later then Zhaf made a surprise and brought me for a nice dinner dine at 'The Hill' Jalan Dungun.
it was, well, obviously on a hill and below a lighten up tree. 

Zhaf ordered French Pan-Fried Salmon and i ordered Rib-Eye Spaghetti.
it was yummmaihh!

hadn't snap much photo with our phones coz it's dark and sadly our camera phones doesn't give nice pictures in the dark. 
so again i grab from Mr Google 

after bloated ourselves
we decided to went for a movie treat
yup. Again! muahahaha!
and this time we went for Premier Class at GSC Signature Mid Valley
watched The Lone Ranger.
the movie was hmm ayy okkay. well if it wasn't because of Johnny Depp, like hello! it wouldn't be funny would it? 
anyhow, love him ever since like, forever! 

done with the movie thing. went straight back home and ended the night with a big smile on our face. chat on bed till we dozed off. 

the next day. i'm down with flu. 

Dearest husband, 

Loved you a year and many many many years to come.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Three Six Five = One

Oh my Oh my Oh my !!
it's almost 365 days since i was called a Mrs.
and be married to the man called .. Doramoi.. hahah!
Doramoi? no more Uusi? ok anyway that's another story.

its near to our anniversary. 2 days to come to be exact.
honestly we've planned a few things.
but.. i guess with me on odd working hours and the fact that spending quality time together is the most important thing of all..  we decided to just stay in KL and spend days together doing things we love to do

I took 3 days leave and Zhaf only took a day off since well he obviously off on weekends, pfft!
and we have a list of things to do together.. yeays!

ill tell you everything about it once these 2 days ends itself ya?

being almost a year of marriage of course what people would ask were
'Bila lagi ni' (while making shifty eyes looking at my tummy), 'dah ada isi ke?' (while rubbing my belly) or worst still , 'Bila due?'.. ok that will make me on my nerves and i'll be thinking the whole day 'buncit sangat ke perut aku ni?'


uhmmm...first of all people, that's my breakfast and lunch, thank you very much, Secondly, well belom ada rezeki lagi.. (standard party line ive always give to people hah!).. well of course being a mommy is all i ever ever wanted .. having to carry a huge round belly with like a twenty thirty fifty lines of stretchmarks, back pain, swollen legs, gigantic arms, sleepless nights, but by the time he or she's born, it all seems so worth it and all you see from each of your family members (most importantly the grandmas and grandpas) is a wonderful smile you ever see.

it tears me down watching 'what to expect when you're expecting' . you know the movie with Jlo and that hot Marco guy who was the gorgeous hunky in Gossip Girl, Nate.. gosh the last part when everyone finally met their babies was really touching.. perhaps the fact that we were trying to have one of our own and are thrill to finally have one makes me so emotionally affected by the movie. and the best part was, kantoi nangis dengan Zhaf.. shoot! wipe those away girl.

well there must be a reason why god yet to answer to our prayers right?. what ever it is we know Allah knows best. When the right time comes, we will have our own. *grins*

so back to the story,

starting off today, we shall have loadza things to do and to go to.

ok people, it's 3.24am, gonna go bed now.

Till then lovelies,

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A big decision i made ....

hello dear readers,

i only have about half an hour left before 1pm
i then need to get ready for work .. *sigh*

honestly i don't know what to blurt out but i just feel like writing in :)

this week has been pretty much exciting
well it actually started off rough on Sunday.. seriously stress gilerrrr... 
i was not feeling well since Saturday..pening muntah2..nope i know what you're thinking...not yet..hahahah~ 
aaanyway..and so sunday dah lah pening..stress lagi with work..balik lambat..tiba2 monday morning as i woke up..dah started rasa beratt sangat kepala ni..tah kenapa tah..i forced my self back to sleep.. (fyi, i keje petang at 4pm that day) i have like few hours more to rest before work.. but i couldn't doze off...i started muntah muntah n muntah lagi..called zhaf and he terus mintak GL (guarantee letter) and asked his boss to signed. Well, he panicked! hahah~ 

Zhaf sent me off to HUKM (or now called PPUKM or UKMMC) straight to non-critical emergency section. i can't walk so kene soronglah atas 'wilcha'.. rasa maca, nak angkat tangan ala2 usop sambil jerit 'kite bakor kite bakor' ..tapi nak angkat jari pun tak larat time tu uols....hahhaah!  :).

Oh ! and they put me on drip..sebab muntah banyak sangat takut dehydrated katanya.. eee paling benci masok air..sakit ok die cucuk jarum tu..urghhhh! hate it! 

after the blood test urine test and whatever test lagi lah..nasib tak de ape2.. doctor said i dah kene gastrik..which before this i dont have gastrik at all !!.. means i dont eat well lately....makan fact sometimes tak makan langsung kat office.. lesson to learn. now i should learn to take time out from the workstation and eat ! huhuhu~

then on monday itself, something, somewords gave me a wake up call..and i made a decision that  i never thought i least not anytime soon.. but i made up my mind and this is the right thing to do.. insyallah

and what's the decision's all about?

well i'll tell you soon enough okkie?

pinky promise :)

okkie darlings, i have to click the publish button now and get ready for work. 

tak sabar today ends itself..coz tomorrow's weekend and it's my off day! family time !  yeay! 

take care lovelies :)

Love, Tya

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ze' Lil Roadtrip (Part 2)

first and foremost
im really really truly sorry for abandoning this for about 2 months already
we just installed Unifi..
so dah ada internet di rumah yo! 

as promised ze lil road trip sequel

next stop was
Cameron Highland

it was actually a surprise from mr hubster
dah lameeee sangat tak naik cameron
balik2 genting je
so i was pretty excited haha! 

we stayed at Equatorial 
pretty nice room
breakfast was nice
and the staff was really helpful :)

we arrived quite late dalam kol 8 macam tu
so we had dinner and just rest ourselves in the room after a long trip from penang

 Equatorial Cameron Highland

the next day hubster brought me through hills of tea leaves
cantik sangat permandangan nye :)

we had tour around the factory and learn about tea! yeay! 

and we had tea and pastries at Boh Tea Plantation

it was raining heavily up there and we were stranded for almost more than an hour
but we treat ourselves with more tea and pastries! hahaha~

oh and due to that we bought Boh's umbrella..
cantik and besar :) 

later on the way back kitorg singgah beli vegetables, fruits, flowers, and honeys

the next following day we headed to Malacca
at first planned to celebrate birthday mama dekat Umbai
tapi last minute cancel and the brother in laws decided to makan chinese seafood dekat seremban je
but  since we were already in Malacca
jalan-jalan Malacca la ape lagi..


he bought a hat..ala comeynyeee~ 

then we bump into my cousin's friend , Zima
she was chillin at this one nice cafe of her friend's

oh we highly recommend this
if you are in Malacca
make yourself chill out at 
Malacca Cafe

They have such nice drinks and foods
we had chilli cheese fries and delicious yummy cake 
which i dont remember what it call 
but memang sedap i tell you! 

me and dearie Zima

we definitely gonna go there again to have the cake! heheh~ 

well that's about it.

sorry not so much pictures taken sebab gune handphone je
so nak jimat bateri sebab perjalanan jauh..ahahah~ 

till then people

will write again soon

toodles :)

Love, Tya