Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I just love my little sister

before bace ni, sila scroll to the end of this post and click the play button on the video
baru feel..*motif?*

How can i not love my one and only little sister 

on the day we took her SPM result. she did a really great job !

Raya few years back. ignore the muncung. its genetically in the family.


the day we sent her off to PLKN. aku yg nanges lebeh. sengal *facepunch*

The little yaya
has grown up
*dem rasa diri ini tua*

she currently continuing her studies
Mechanical Engineering
University Tenaga Nasional.

which dekat je ngn uma.

he wants to be an engineer
just like papa
mmg die n papa is the handyman of the house

kalo paip longgar
n papa tak de
die yang pegi amek spannar ke playar ke
pegi betolkan.

ur d man yoyot !! hahah~

dlu kecik2 macam jantan budak ni
since kakak takde
( i was in boarding school since im 12 years old)
and so she grow up  with the brother by her side
membesar dgn abang.
maka 'yo yo whatsap whatsap' la jadinye

ingt lagi dlu mama kate
'boringla lipat baju yaya ni..sme kaler hitam biru hitam biru'

until one day
maksu bought her a pink top
yes i say

mane ta berkerut dahi die? 
what the pink??

tapi since i masok UM
and selalu balik rumah
selalu jumpe die
and she see how i dress
betapa kakak die ni suke melaram macam mak ondeh
earing sme nak dangling2
with long necklaces
baru lah die belajar2 sket

and now jgn la pelik kalo tibe2 
rantai panjang ku hilang
my blouses ilang
my earings ilang
my kasot ilang
sme die sebat
sharing is caring katenye

and bile kakak die ni rebonding rambut
die pun buat
kakak die perm rambut
die pun buat
kakak die gi salon wat treatment rambut
die pun menempek
kakak die gi wat eyebrow threading
die pun nak buat jugak..

and now sampai org kate
tengok rambut ngn idung pun
dah tau dah

and plus !
since dah ade boipren kannnn..
kenelah geli geli gegurl sket ..
eceh !! 

maka hasilnya jadi mcm ni lah 
sile lihat below pic. heee~

but sometimes 
terkeluar jgk 'yo yo whatsap whatsap' die tu..

the time i told her and mama that zhaf nak merisik
and planning to get married next year
mama ta nanges
die yang nanges dlu
ta ready to lose the big sister katenye.

sangat touching ok !

sbb die nanges
tibe2 mama pun nak nanges jugak.



no worries.
whatever ever ever happens
air dicincang takkan putus kan.

u still and forever will be
my little sister ! 

ching !! =)

she sitting for her 1st year final exam
and so me n zhaf bought her a good luck card
and we ask everyone in the family wish and sign on it

and zhaf sponsored her a 3in1 pilot pen
which mahal okk.
kte dlu gi exam pakai pen rm1.20 je

untung betol budak sekor ni. 

good luck on ur finals lil sistah !

Love u little sister !

for a thousand years 
and a thousand more.. !

Blurt : ONE

its exactly


darn !!!

rase mcm banyaknye benda ta buat lagi.

helppp !
ni baru tunang
kalo kahwin nnt camne?


ok bye !

Love, Tya

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Engagement : The OP

Of course 
we want to capture all the great moment

and so we gonna have
as our engagement OP

met up with him and discussed on the packages.
He's such a cool guy and we tag pretty well.

he's befriend with my exboifrend Amrul.
which also one of 

tapi dlm byk2 the league punya work
me n zhaf love Joe Zakaria's artwork

cun seh gambar die !

tapi nak hire die?
darn expensive i tell u.

for engagement
tak lah kot.

for wedding.
sape kah the OP nya?
dah book dah
but for wedding..
nnt kite cite 

Nikaizu is good.
check this out.
credit pic : Nikaizu blog

Me n Zhaf fancy pictures yang very yellowy
cam ala2 vintage gitu.
credit pic : Nikaizu blog

Nik aizu 
will be covering our engagement ceremony
you can check his artwork here

Love, Tya

The Engagement : The Musics

Kalo wedding bole la main lagu kahwin kan..
pak pak ke pong ke pong ke pong
ta pon..lagu..
'selamat pengantin baru..semoga berbahgiaaaa'

tapi time tunang .. 
takkan nak main lagu kahwin plak 
so i was thinking of playing some nice music
soothing to the ear

since engagement nnt malam
hopefully ta hujan..
mama nak the place is light up with lights and candles.
so kene la ade nice musics play jgk kan

me n zhaf went searching for nice cds 
and we found this !

1. 26 Best of Hotels & Resorts Moods
2. Hotel Mood - The Grand Hotel Classical Music
3. Light & Easy - Cafe' Acoustic Love Hits

My favourite Number is Track 09 : Nocturne No.2

My favourite Number is Track 10 : Baby 
Version Acoustic is the best. Better that the original Justin Bieber version. hahah! 

My favourite Number is Track 08 : Fantasie Impromptu

Yelah. Nak buat kat hotel tak mampu.
So lets bring the hotel mood to the house.
ape salahnya kan.? hehe!

insyallah kalau tak ujan.
the place will be lit up with candles and lights
(semalam papa say OK to transparent canopy!.yeayy!)
and as people arrive and while they are enjoying the food
nice soothing music playing
 wouldnt it be great !


P.I.C for Music Compilation : Yaya
P.I.C for Music/Song Coordinator : Pak Su

if you're wondering how the music is.
Just click on the play button below video.
and enjoy !

My favourite Number : Nocturne No.2

Love, Tya

The Engagement - The Candy Buffet

this time i wanna talk about my Candy-Buffet
 CandyDandy LittleSandy'
*ching!!* hahah~ 

Last night we focus on the 3 important tables for the Eday nnt
Food tables dah diserahkan kepada caterer ! hee~

i have always wanted to have this !
Zhaf telah merealisasikannya (ayat poyo *facepunch*)


ps: ignore the ugliness of the picture sbb mase testing ni tak cukup chocolate bar. hee~
(supposedly 2kg but we only have 1kg chocolate bar..huhu)

Yes we bought ourselves
our very own

investment yg berbaloi2
pasni kalo ade occasion.
family gathering
cukur jambul
majlis tunang cousin2
or watever..
we already have a chocolate fountain that we can dip in 
and have fun with it.
ho yeah!
anak2 sedara ku pasti suke.
ta payah anak sedara
makcik2 die yg excited lebey..hehe~

This is the first table
it will be our chocolate fountain
with marshmellows, biscuit sticks and etc
for people to dip
and get ugly with it.hhah~

and also we bought this

The Little Popcorn Maker.
kecik dan comel je machine die..
but because ni agak leceh utk di letak di buffet
(sbb mama kate kene ade org jaga and buat popcorn tu..nnt budak2 mane reti operate the machine..and which come to think of it. sape plak cousin2 yg sanggup dok tepi machine tu semata kan?)
so we will think about it first before put it up on the buffet.

mama also bought glasses to put up on the buffet as well

and so last night
we tried to set up the arrangement for 3buffets
Candy Buffet
Delights Buffet
Chocolate fountain

with mama and zhaf
we arranged all the pinggan2 and jars
tagged with the stuff that will be put into it.
mama tooked out all the nice huge bowls and large plates

Candy Buffet :

Delight Buffet:
(Kuih Muih Traditional and also cakes)

The Arrangement draft.

mama tengah design pulut kuning 3 tier for nikah as she wanted to
will see how the outcome nnt..haha

Done with the set up.
also done with the assigning of Person-In-Charge
for the booth setup on the day nnt !

hopefully everything goes as according to the plan on the day itself.

insyallah ~

Love, Tya

Monday, December 26, 2011

DayByDay: 24.12.2011

(this post has been draft since 2days back. tp ta sempat na click the 'publish' button sbb penat sangat)


Hari ni hari yg super penat. 
Went out since 10am. 6 stops. reached back home @9pm.
That's nearly 12hours man !
gosh patotlah penat. 
berpanas berhujan.
ni da rse mcm nak demam. 
tp ku gagahi juge nak update blog.
for b2b sekalian.

we start our day early
as early as 10am
(early ke tu ?)
kedai bukak kol 10 la der..hahah~

so first stop ktorg pegi paling jauh skali.
we bought couple of stuff 
for the E =)

done shopping @IKEA
we crossed over to The Curve 
bought botol susu Dhabit.
sme anak sedara mmg di taja khas oleh aunty tya die
botol susu mahal ni
*cekik darah*
tp sbb mmg its good for babies.
dari si hannah sampai ke dhabit
sme di taja oleh saya.

First Year Bottles.

Then after things done, we got so hungry
and had IKEA currypuff and hotdog

after IKEA and CURVE
we went to bangsar.
ordered Chocolate for hantaran
@Chocolate Chapters BangsarShopping Centre.
Belgian Crafted Chocolate
Thumbs up!! 
Pickup : 28/01/2012 (10am)
reminder SET ! =)

The we head back south to Nilai 3
tp sebab hway sgbesi jamme giloss.
sme balik kg for christmas kot.
maka we took the Bangi exit
pusing2 bangi went to survey for Cake Tier Stand
we will order chocolate cake @chocolate chapters juga for the wedding cake
but eventually, dey ta come together with the tier
so we jalan2 kat cake shops around bangi survey for cake 2/3 tier stand
and we found one @SugarFlours Bangi.
sewa 3 tier cake stand only rm50.

then we took a stop @PapaRich for minum2.
and kire2 resit.

then we head to Nilai 3 and bought:
Ribbons and Diamante

next was Nilai 1 and bought:
Satins and Cottons.

then met up with Mr Tailor for baju tunang.
lagi 2 weeks 1st fitting.

and we're DONE !


back home and

Love, Tya

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blurt : I just love my S2 !!

im not a gadget geek.
nor a tech savvy kinda person

but i love this little thing call HP.
sengal kan?

dulu beli sony ericsson phone.
yg cybershot tu..tah ape name model die tah
mase tu kerja government. 
so first pay trus angkat hp.

and then tukar kerja.
1st bonus.
angkat sony ericsson lagi.
not bad jgk la function die.
so sony cybershot tu i gave it to my brother AFIQ

2011 . February
Angkat BLACKBERRY plak.
tp curve 8520 je (betulke model die ni?)
mase tu ade maxis promo.
excited gune BBM..
si xperia tu.which is mase tu baru 10bulan gune..
telah di turunkan to my sister YAYA.
*untung betull budak kecik tu. belajar lagi dah dpt hp tacskrin. kite dulu pakai hp yg baling-anjing-bole-mati tu. skrin pun tak yaya ni  kalo ta rajin belajar. siap kau !*

selamber je the 2 lil chipmunks tu dpt hp free ye
ish ! 
nasib adik 2 orang je.. 

2011 - October
Zhaf bought me my SAMSUNG S2 !
tuhan saja tahu betapa excitednye hati ini !
mengidam s2 ni dah lamee
since die baru kua lagi.
abg shah, adib, abg mawi, izhar, abg syam, abg mus, nabila, and even my bos 
was using that.
function die sgt best. 
SUPER AMOLED katenye..
pic lawa gilos.

bole online anywhere.
surfing laju pun laju. 
dual processor kate abg syah
screen besar..
and multitouchskrin.
so bole main pingpong 2 player sekalii 
ish suke lah ! hehee

Thank u bubushi..! 
thank u thank u thank u !! 

and plus. 
2 hr lepas 
samsung geek - abg syah
rooted my phone !
so skang s2 sy hemsem !


mukenye sebesar2 alam skrin tu. maaflah..hehe *slap*

so kak kerry.. i vote for s2 !! heheh~ 

Love, Tya

Monday, December 19, 2011

Contest: Cinta Kami

tgah jalan2 tgk blog org di pagi hari. sementara menunggu pukul 12pm utk bersiap ke office.
tibe2 saw a post at Jamme's blog about a contest. 

wedding dress
and every thing mention is free???
mestilah nak kannn?

SO ! saya pun nak masok jugak lah~ 

this contest was organize by Miszalya Makeup Studio. 
They do makeups, busana, pelamin and all about wedding *ching!*

feel free to drop at their blog and check em out ! 

so. what do i have to do to participate?

1. buat entry about contest 'Cinta Kami' in the blog
2.  tell about cinta kami 'Cinta Tya-Zhaf' with gambar bersama pasangan
3. minta friends or anyone tinggalkan komen kt bwh entry. minta tulis 'VOTE' and masukan nama n blog/fb diorg kat komen bwh tu

simple kan? dah kate dah... *slap* hehe

so to cut it short. 


The day when HE met SHE 

"Percaya pada jodoh"..Thats what people always say. Honestly speaking, i've been in relationship IN and OUT. Jangan di tanya berapa baldi dah airmata ni. Been cheated and lied by a creature call man a few times. Maybe i'm so naive and innocent. Bile die kate 'i busy study ni ta sempat nak text'. Well actually he went flirting out with some other girl. Masa tu, tuhan saja tahu betapa de-motivated nye diri ini. Sometimes i just give up.

Close friends and my bestfriends, Mejetol and even Jamme tried to hook me up with some gentlemen. Thank you so much !! i really really appreciate the intention. Honestly they are pretty fine men i must say. Nice looks, Good job, and Great personalities. tapi masalahnye. ME !. Worst still the man yg i adore so much. ta pandang i pun. poyo tak? poyo kan..sangat!

You can ask my sister, yaya. i always say 'cammana la agaknya laki aku nnt ya. tinggi ke, putih ke gelap ke, baik ke tidak, elok perangai ke'..and one of my collegue told me. 'Sabar Tya, Jodoh tya pun tgah carik tya skang ni. die pun tertanya2 benda yang sama.' hehe..since then saya berpegang pada itu. 'lek je. jodoh aku pun tga carik aku.' giteww.! hehe

after being single for quite a while. last Ramadhan everything change.

One fine day, at work, my collegue Akmar aka Ama ask me.
'Tya nanti aku nak kenalkan ko ngn kawan baik aku ey. aku rase korang matching la sangat!'
i was like. WAH! confident level yang amat tinggi ni. even deep inside mcm ta de la rase confident sgt dgn pernyataan ama itu. 

On the same day, a guy added me on FB. 'Khairul Zhafri Zainol Abidin added you as friend'
dalam hati. 'MOTIF? sape kah mamat ni add aku plak. dalam hati yang berat (kononnye) itu. my little point finger click on the CONFIRM button.
and after that. is history. hahaha! 

tersangat la poyo conversation ini. *facepunch*

He told me that, way before we met, he always stalk my profile, dah khatam dah every photo album yang ada. he knows i like vintage by seeing i love to wear vintage dresses, i love eating. sbb asal gambar mesti ade makanan (gosh kantoi) and he even know how many siblings i have. Sme ta payah citer. Sme die dah tahu. in love with a STALKER! hahah..

First time we met is at a reunion-cum-berbuka puasa for ex-coursemate ama and amer. which also zhaf's friends. mase tu die sengih je. itu je yang die mampu pun. malu katenye.
makan pun ta lalu. rugi je bayar 40hengget tapi makan sekeping kebab je. ish!

despite muke buruk sbb baru balik kerja terus pergi sana. an impromptu punye plan. thanks to ama.

After the meet up and couples of  FB-chat.
and so we went out : 
1. First date : Buka puasa Sushi King - Alamanda Putrajaya 
( no AWKWARD moment. at all. we talk and talk and laugh and laugh. we tag along so well indeed. He made a surprise with a pair of new arrival heels from NOSE which i adore so much and tried a thousand times but sbb hujung bulan. so ta de budget na beli. he just observe while i tried it on and next thing i know he hand it over me just as i walk out from surau after solat maghrib- He manage to score 1 ..kaching!!)

2. Carik baju raya - Shah Alam
3. Jalan2 ngn Adik2 die - Downtown cheras
4. Jalan2 malam raya with the 2 brothers and my lil sister - Jalan Tar 
(Thank god my sis and his brother blend in SOO WELL =)..masa ni dgn ta sengaja dey met up with papa and mama sbb diorg tga sebok pasang lampu raya kat lua.)
5. 2nd day raya - i went to his house for raya. and at night die and adik2 dtg my house plak.

and thats it. !
the way he speak. he smile. he say 'awak ok?' in every single thing. captured me in a snap!
unlike me. he seorg yg sabar, sampai waktu terus solat. and thank god. with him, sikit2 saya berubah. 
mama saw that. baju da ta ketat2 sgt. mulut di control sket dr marah2 maki2. 
kalo die buat salah pun ta sampai hati nak marah. 
'bubus ta sengaja. nape marah bubus?'
mulut muncung panjang se-depa. 
sangat comel *facepunch*

tuhan sahaja yang tahu betapa HAPPY nye hati ini. 
after years of suffer
ups and downs
fall. cry and stand up back straight !
alhamdulillah. Hati ini berbunga bunga..ECEH !

Actually, He was engaged once but 'broke up-reconcile' like a zillion times reason being is. yes. she cheated. not once, not twice but a few times indeed. But that makes u kuat kan yayang? heee!

both of us know how HURT it is. 

kami cuba sedaya upaya untuk tidak menyakiti satu sama lain.
kalau terguris hati, terus cakap. 
communication is very very and i say verrryy important!
and jangan malu to admit and say sorry,
Tak rugi pun..hehe.. =)

with that. we would like to thank to AKMAR and AMIER (lovebirds) 
your instincts that says we match up so well
is indeed
very much
very very veryy much
TRUE !! 
korang memang pandai matchmake kan org ye ! 
(dey gonna get married next year MAY..yeayy!)
ps: aku curik gambar korang dr fb. thanks! haha~

Merisik : 13 November 2011
Bertunang : 28th January 2012
Nikah : 7th July 2012


Bersyukur kepada Allah kerana di pertemukan with this wonderful lil creature name 


Love, Tya