Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A pretty long hiatus huh?

I have been meaning to write, in fact it was one of my new year resolution. To update my blog. As frequent as possible. pfftt! but today 5th of May, at my in laws, with MIL's lappy, i finally typing this. bahahha!

The last post was on July 12th last year. That was when i just changed my job. From a broadcast company doing customer service and a year of managing the floor and people, to a totally different thing - O&G. I only last for 4 months there. Coz honestly, the company sucks! big time. Tho i must admit i learnt a lot there. Stated on my signature and name card as the admin exec. but hei. with that pay, i'm the admin, i'm the receptionist, i'm the GM's secretary, and for the last 2 months there i did the billing and invoicing. (That was after they 'force' the billing manager to resign) - there was no billing exec so i suddenly became one. and a month after, my immediate boss got sacked for absurd reason, i was suddenly the operation exec as well supposedly to know what happen in the operation. i mean like.. What?

December 2013. I quit! fiuhh! i got out. and move to another company. This i must admit was such a relief. The office was like 20mins from home. Near to hub's office. and a much much muchh better pay.

January 2014, got to know there's a miracle inside me.

alhamdullilahh.. after a year and 6 months of waiting..

7 weeks that time to be exact. True what elders say, things happen when you least expected it. Those close to me would know how we have been trying to have one ever since i got myself cleared from thyroid and my Endo gave us the green light. And to be honest, i even once cried when i got my menses..say hi to PMS people. Alhamdulillahillazi and thanking Allah non stop for this one miracle. 

My first trimester was... headache, puke like all the time, barely can eat anything, burping like craaaazeh Can't even step into the foodcourt...(not ever)...the mix smell of everything makes me wanna barf in front of the entrance.. Luckily we stayed at my parents house (because of the water ration. pffft!) and having mama the awesome cook ever to cook all my craves! bahahaa~ oh! and that time. my favourite thing was.... KICAP! hoyeah..that black thing is my favoratehh! 

I'm now on my 2nd Tri. And things went pretty subtle now. Not much of going to the toilet for throwing up stuff from my stomach..but i still go there much often coz somehow my favourite thing to do is to weeWee.. if you know what i  mean.. felt like moving my cubicle there.. hmmmm~ 

And tomorrow... baby is turning 5 months! yeay! ..yet to feel his/her kick.. and is so much eager to wait for the detail scan on 23rd to know his gender.. If it's a girl.. i wanna go straight to the lovely lace shop and buy her first pretty princessy dress! hahaha~ Only Allah knows how eager i am to know is it a she or a he. But papa and mama keep telling me 'sabar..sabar'. sheesh~ 

My colleagues predicted a girl as they say my belly looks round and wide. But mama and papa predicted a boy since looking how lazy and messy i am. haha! well, that i find it funny since i am lazy and messy waaayyy before i got pregnant. hahaha! 

if it's a boy.. well.. daddy already wanted to buy you a full equipment for diving.. (daddy's crazy!..pffft!)  who say mommy allows you go diving?.. ok i'll save the lecture later when you turn 8..

Oh and in case you're wondering when is my EDD. 

Tadaaaaaa~~ insyallah a Merdeka baby..

Promise will update more ok.. :)

till then lovelies..

Love, Tya