Sunday, January 29, 2012

We're Engaged !

can't believe myself that there's a
beautiful little ring on my finger
im officially
woooottt woottt!

my engagement was AWESOME!
i am so freaking happy with how it went
everything i have ever imagine!

there's a little sneek peak of all
and il wait piccas from my OP - Nikaizu
and then il upload all and review sekali one by one
ottey? =)

ok this gonna be ucapan seperti pemenang juara lagu.
just bare with it okkay? heee =P

a zillion thank you to my families
aunties, uncles, cousins, my two little brother n sister, mr fiancée
and especially
to PAPA and MAMA
for making this happen !

my superhero PAPA
for the awesome awesome super awesome!
pelamin ! 

the delicious foods
and also all the technicality of the whole ceremony
papa d macgyver ! 

for the utmost support and advice
the wonderful 2 tier pulut kuning hantaran

for the gubahan hantaran yg super cute

everything about the awesome event

i can never would imagine my engagement ceremony and celebration would be like this if without both of them

to my little sister and brother
thank u so much for making sure that everything is in place
as how ur 'cerewet' big sister ever wanted ! hehehe
my sister..for making my hair pretty !

To my aunties
aunty ah, aunty bib, aunty nah
for my gorgeous gubahan hantaran

for the sponsorships
and for the handy hands through out the process and the events !

to my uncle yahya !
for being my awesome 'wakil'
uncle kene practice pantun 
bwh tya ade lagi 2 uncle kene wakilkan ni..hehhe~

to my cousins
for the handy hand through the process and after the events!
thank u soo much !

thanks also to my friends
my besties !
MEJETOL & her hubby ZAEEM
for allowing her to be part of this =)
and for the sponsorship of the sweet treats for the buffet
and also for being by my side through out the process


for making my sweet buffet, delights buffet and choc fountain deco so sweet and cute.
and also the 'all u need is love' centrepieces.
trying hard to make sure everything is in place 
the tags and deco was incredibly pretty!!

to my awesome OP
ta sabar na tunggu piccas !

to MUA
who is also my officemate
who did a good job
making my face look so incredibly flawless

thanks to them
my dream came true with their gorgeous transparent canopy

and last but not least
thanks to Mr Fiancée
for the love and support !

Senyum sampai tinge =)

Love, Tya

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Its TWO to go !

this one evening.
on chinese new year
when i was working.
the whole family and my hero
was at home
cleaning and washing the cars

zhaf sibuk momotong rumput
using that machine
sampai mengigil tangan die
the after effect

while afiq & papa
membasuh kereta
oh super penat basuh triton sendri
if given a choice, i definitely gi hantar carwash je~~

and so the grass is nice
and ready for the canopy, tables, chairs
and the people !

weewiiit !!

ok another 2 days to go !

will start baking the honey cornflakes in a shortwhile
with the little sister

but still tomorrow have to wake up early
by 10am have to shoot off to zhaf's house in seremban
with the little sister
to pick him up
and then vroom to jusco seremban
for a foot treatment, pedicure and manicure session
appointment 11.30 am
sepatutnye pegi dgn mama
tapi mama cancel sbb die lupe die ade medical checkup

td dah tgk baju
and i love it !
tapi ta amek lagi sbb ade nak kecik kan sikit.

ok people
im gonna peace out 
coz i got some baking to do.
pfft !!!

Love, Tya

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Engagement : The Progress

The progress so far?
still tracking on it.
banyak DIY and sub to friends and families
jadi kene track down balik 
ape yang dah settle n ape yg pending.

First stop - My little dais
is 80% Done!
weeewit !
left are 3 small things which is
the fresh flowers
paper fan flowers
and floating candles
till we are fully done.

my gorgeous little dais
is all thanks to 
my super daddy !!!

looking at him 
semangat to fulfil my desire dais
makes me 
terharu sangat sangat !

berpeluh2 papa panjat tangga
pinning the drapes to secure it
drilling the platforms
mounting the spotlights

and wallah !
 im standing in front of my dais made by my daddy with his bare hands and powertools !

My daddy is supeeeeerrr awesome !!!

trying to pin the drapes to secure it 

Drilling the platforms

 The assistant yang sangat membantu

papa's power tools =)

Next is me n my sister project 
The Doily Lampshades
i bought 2 stand lamps
with plain lampshade
to put it at the side of the dais
and it only cost me RM39 each !

so we just glue on doilies onto the lampshade
just to give that lacey-dacey effect
and we did it ~

i just love my doily lamp
woot woot !

this pic was taken when about 50% done

and the last thing which still pending
sbb ta siap lagi
is the paper fan flowers

blah atas dais tu
ade bekas jahitan
which my aunty sew the drape
so utk tidak menampak kan jahitan tu
i was thinking of to put up this paper fan flowers

so ya. 

im excited with my dais
and cant wait to snap photos with families n friends!

2 - The canopy
after like a zillion text messages
asking for our money back
the ultimate-plain-idiot AMIR FIRDAUS ANOIAR the so call 'DIRECTOR' of YSA EVENTS
paid back my money
if not
ktorg dah standby nak make a police report dah
nasib baik

So i have called and spoke to Joy the owner of 
Joy Ems Event Management and Services
paid half of the total amount already
lagi half is after installation
and so far i can say it is a good deal
even if we text, die terus reply.
tak macam si idiot-amir tu
tunggu 5 hari pun belom tentu die reply
plain-arsehole !

and infact Joy text me lastnight
he promised to email me the receipt today
and without a zillion reminder
he emailed !
good !
see how a good business suppose to mean?
shyte that YSA !

so already confirm the color theme of the scallops
baby pink - light purple
yeay !

siap si joy ni tanya
'athirah, if we install the tent a day earlier, will it disturb the pathway of your neighbours?'
very good, at least concern.
no worries.
if the delivery of this deal is good
i sure can recommend them to all of you !

3 - The Hantaran
Hantaran for both side
is DONE !
Chocolate Pinata - Pick up at bangsar on 28/01 morning
Macaroons - Pick up @ AMpang on 27/01 malam

nak tgk teaser tak?

my hantaran for him :

and him to me:

and we love our hantaran !
thanks to my mommy and aunty ah !

4 - The Dress
Just called Mr Tailor
he said.
yeay !
amek petang sbb die nak snap photo dulu
weewiit !
mintak2lah cantik as i imagine.

As for the hair accessories
bought from my aunty

5 - The Caterer
papa settled and paid
Serahkan pada papa=)

6- The Sweet Treat Buffet
Went over to pusat pemborong @ balakong cheras
bought all kind of sweet treats
from chocolates to snacks 

Pinwheel Candy
Spiral Candy
Sugar Biscuits
Love Letters
Jam Biscuits
Jelly Sticks
Mini Puddings
Flower Candy
Dinasour egg nuts
Chocolate sticks

Cupcake Bouquet - Pick up @ Subang on 28/01 morning

Apam Dot -  Pick up @ Serdang on 28/01 morning
Honey Cornflakes - will start baking today !

Cotton candy / love letters - Sponsor by Mejetol

For the tags
Sheila aka Gedik is in-charge with the printing and decorating my sweet treat buffet

6 - The Delights Buffet
Chocolate Cake
Victoria Sandwhich cake
Talam Seri Muka
Talam Jagung
Talam Sugi

Triffle / Pudding - will make it on friday
Traditional apam - bring by the neighbour

for the tags
Gedik ! =)

7 - The Chocolate Fountain
Chocolates 2kg
Stick biscuits
dried guava

9- The OP
Zhaf just called NikAizu
and confirmed about it
paid half already
lagi half payment after dapat album nanti !
will email him the map to our house in a shortwhile =)

9- The Centrepiece
all things dah ade
waiting for the floating candles and fresh flowers
and once canopy sme dah pasang
we gonna arrange it
hopefully it goes as i imagine

10 - The Handbouquet
arrived all the way from Terengganu
Thanks to Ain
But i have add up some ribbons
il upload it after the event ye =)

11 - The MUA
he's my officemate
make me beautiful pleasee

12 - Doorgifts
prepared 200 doorgifts
and in the midst of tying up 200 ribbons

I was super selekeh as just got back from work and struggled to finish it

He don't know how to tie a ribbon and so i teach him and he was struggling hard to do it ! haha~

and thats the face yang berjaya tie a perfect ribbon ! hehee

and we finish it. quite much. but left a little more. this much :

Yesterday was the last day at work before my long leave for the engagement
sepatutnya harini ada interview for RTFM
tapi my boss kate dey will postpone due im on my annual leave

so yesterday already hand the cards and maps to my officemates-cum-close friends
that will be coming for my engagement
semoga the map membantu
and mereka ta sesat

So ya
thats the progress so far

hope for the best for the day

Zhaf - Tya The 2nd Chapter !

woot woot !

Love, Tya

Saturday, January 21, 2012

i banned and curse you

**Girls before you read this...let me tell you that this post has been edited atas dasar simpati and kasihan akan the so call 'owner'-cum-the-'managing director' of the company i said below..HE eventually read my blog about the expose^ of his TERIBBLE and DISGUSTING service..he personally text me a few days back konon2 mintak maaflah. to repay nak sponsor canopy nikah hello..AKU DAH KAHWINlerrr..he asked me to delete the post..but after consulting with the B2Bs..let me just remain the post here..but the i'l remove his FULL name and the COMPANY name.haihh..kesian org mcm ni kan?..well..i must say..

DESPERATE PEOPLE COMES WITH DESPERATE MEASURES n husband was laughing out loud out of his STUPIDITY and at the same time hangin jugak with his IGNORANCE...katanya..jangan di lihat ape yg org ta puas ati..tgk ape yg org puas ati dgn service die..knock knock..kau ni namanya GREEDY BASTARD! kalau ta mampu nak deliver as per expected jangan amik job banyak sangat sampai ta mampu nak buat..patu bile org mintak refund..die bole kata..'u ada masalah kewangan ke?' like tu bayar kau 5 figures kot..ayooo..memalukan melayu a nut shell..die mmg a BIG ARSEHOLE..oh and if YOU are reading glad u read my blog anyway..thanks..LOL'


last night was a horrible night
in the process of my engagement

as mention much much earlier
i took this one canopy vendor for my engagement
they are actually a so call *.S.* Wedding and Events la..
as per quoted by the so-call managing director, A*** A****
RM800 / set

well actually at the same time 
an indian canopy vendor
Joy Ems send in a quotation as well.
FYI, harga mereka beza seratus je
but then, konon2 dgn niat nak tlg melayu
and thinking that, deal dgn melayu lg bagus.
and so we chosed have this canopy vendor anyway

so ok
at first i took charge of asking the quotation, calling him to confirm so on and so forth
but then due to hectic working zhaf took over to follow up with him

on 6th January 2012 
we make our payment
but then till 21st January
its already 2 weeks
i repeat
no receipt. no agreement. nothing.

jangan di tanya berapa byk kali call
berapa banyak msg dah kami send
he seldom pick up the fon
susah sangat
even mama called him pun die tak angkat.
sms. either die ta reply or he will only reply. OK

we called the mother or the actual owner of the company
but then konon katenye she have her own company and he is just using her name
aik? 'kate establish since 1985 and kalau ikot portfolio die gah2 dlm website
isnt it was inherited by him from the mother? konon2 dari kecik dah ikot mak pegi mengandam nmenguruskan wedding and by the age of 24 he took over the company and became a young managing director??
duh!!..that all sounds so TAHI KERBAU to me.. *bullshit*

and if dah establish lame.
takkan la takde assistant kot?
coz everything we have to call you
penat aku carik alternative contact num 
last2 num si vavi ni jgk
and even i called the office 
'nombor yang anda dail telah tamat perkhimatannye'

mama papa dah kate
die ni lain macam dari awal lagi
call tak angkat. and tak call kte balik 
and then sms ta reply.
papa dont think this is a good deal.
and plus
melayu kalo buat bussiness mmg mcm haram
kalau cina die jaga customer die
infact even potential customer pun die jaga
my dad is a businessman himself for years so he knows how is it like doing business with MELAYU

infact kitorg pun mmg ta sedap hati.
and true enough

around 6pm 
zhaf received a sms by si 'vavi' tu
'im sorry i cannot do ur canopy, please give me ur acc num n i will bank in back the money'
without any reason y?
in less than a week?

kurang ajar kan?
sangat ! sangat ! sangat !
kurang di ajar

i curse you  !

tak sangka
melayu buat kat bangsa sendri

merosakkan majlis orang

smlm panik sekejap
and when papa got back home
i expect die akan mengamuk
but then die cool je
and say
'as i expected'

so i trus call another company tu
An indian man by the name of Joy pick up
i guess his the owner kot
he sounds so friendly 
and i told him
that we wanted to have him as our vendor.
and extremely sorry for the short notice.
he said hes in a wedding and unable to access t ohis schedule and so will confirm by tomorrow
then i sms him the details and told him to confirm soonest so that we could proceed the depo
even his sms pun sounds ok.
hopefully kali ni bagus

zhaf also called his friend Nazrin from Q caterer
and they were so piss off
'org macam nilah yg buat ktorg susah nak carik makan. sbb menipu org patu org dah ta percaya nak buat bussiness dgn org melayu'
yes! that is very much true indeed.
and plus they say
'zhaf kalau ko tak dpt carik canopy, ko roger ktorg, ktorg cover. tapi arabian canopylah'
they dont have transparent canopy just yet.

so skang
saya pasrah

kalau dpt my transparent canopy
as what i wish for
i would tears to joy
and very much relief !

but if not
terimalah takdir
arabian canopy

asal jalan majlisnye =)

and as papa said.
'whatever people say, kene tolong bangsa sendri. tapi kalau bangsa sendri buat tahi kat bangsa sendri mcm mane?'

so ya people

whoever yang amek or thinking of having this wedding event whatever
just please please be careful
some say
jangan terpedaya dgn portfolio all this business 
handling ziana zain la, catriona ross la
whatever shit artist dey have handle
sme itu dusta.
they have to many competitors in the business
that make them so desperate to get a job
until they lie !

so whatever it is

i want my daddy's money back
as promised by si vavi tu to return back our money

or else

ktorg akan haramkan sampai  mati
and biarlah allah yang membalasnya

simple as that

Love, Tya 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Engagement : The Invitations

Harini before papa went off to work
papa said
'kakak confirmkan headcount berapa papa nak confirm ngn caterer ni. kang ta cukup makanan baru tau'

and i say


heee =P

and so pepagi dgn mata yang masih stim
mengadap the excel sheets 

and mama pulak called sedara2 to confirm kan sape yg nak dtg
coz ade  families dr johor yg ta dpt dtg

Papa's Families - 21
Mama's Families - 21
Extended Families  - 17
Family Friends - 25
Neighbours - 22
Tya's Closefriends - 33
Yaya's Closefriends - 2
Crew (OP + MUA) - 4
zhaf's families - 70

kire punye kire
add this minus that
total off
220 !

say what??

and when i told my cousin mieza

the reaction


family zhaf je estimated about 70pax
estimated. !

muat ke umah ni?
cukup ke meja?

panic sekejap.

papa kate.
tape bile org ramai dtg
insyallah ramai doa utk kite 

tak salah pun

and this will be our first 
engagement kenduri
before ni kenduri kecil2 je like housewarming things like that.
so this is a real kenduri with more than 100pax

so people would understand
ape2 flaws nnt we learn from it.
and then we know what to do for the wedding nnt
and make it better

plus papa ade lagi 2 anak lagi nak kawin!

so ya.

nuthing to worry about.

saya serahkan pada my daddy to handle 

Thank u Papito !


Love, Tya

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Engagement - The List

8 days to go.
and see what we have settled so far.

Zhaf's Hantaran to me (100% DONE)
its totally DIY.
hrni die dah bawak balik seremban to show to his mama
and FMIL loves it.
'wahh..cantik..mama suke!'

5 dulang settle !

1. Sirih + Cincin (Sirih will be done on the day itself)
2. Al-Quran
3. Telekung + Ensiklopedia Solat
4. Kain Nikah 
5. Macaroons ( Ordered & Pickup 27/01/12 @ Ampang )

How does it look like?

let me just tease u a bit. hehhee~

able to figure out how it is ? =P

My Hantaran to him (90% DONE)
1 je dulang ta settle lagi gubahan die.
sebab tunggu buku yang dah order

7 dulang
6 done 1 to go

1. Sirih (will be arrange on the day itself)
2. Tafsir Al-Quran
3. Kain Nikah + buku 'Aku terima Nikahnya'
4. Sejadah
5. Chocolates - M&Ms ( Yes die nak m&m je sebab he likes it colourful..hehe )
6. Chocolate Pinata ( Pick-up 28/01/12 morning @ BSC)
7. Pulut kuning + Rendang / Serunding (mama will make it a day before)

and how does it look like?
let me just show u the flowers~

 just fall in love with the color !

as for the mini pelamin
that my super daddy built for me.
and with my magic hands and brain
its 50% siap.
friday sampai ahad ni cuti.
hopefully manage to settle by this weekend.
even boifee kursus sampai sabtu. *sigh*
(and shyte i have to work on CNY. demmit!)

things to settle :
Kain for ruffles around the pelamin (cream color 2metres and purple lavender 2metres)
papa will settle the plywood for the platform
paper lantern arrangements
paper fans
doily lamp shades
floating candles
fresh flowers

can imagine how it looks like?

The Sweet Treats 
for deco and tags
di serahkan to Sheila a.k.a Gedik
the multimedia graphic designer with super creative mind
i also bought tiny little lanterns for deco
and cream color satins

ordered cupcake bouquet from Homemade Scratch Baking
had email them today hopefully dey confirm it by tomorrow
i ordered the large one with 96 cuppies 
Thanks to Groupon ! =)

Other sweets and candies
this friday nak pegi gudang kat cheras with mommy to buy those

The Delights Buffet
for this also Gedik will handle the deco and tags
cakes ordered with aunty nah's friend 
Kuih2 talam mama ordered
mango puddings instant - will make it one day before

The Choco Fountain
chocolate bar 2 kg
fruits - grapes, apples and bananas
biscuit sticks
deco and tags - Gedik

The Caterer
papa's nephews catering company
RM10 per person
hopefully ok food die
if ok papa kate will deal for the wedding plak nanti.
will see how...

The Canopy
ni lah satu2 nye yang wat ktorg susah hati and bengang gile!
YSA events
never met him. contact through phone je.
but then selambe je bayar
trusting my instincts saying that they can be trusted
dah payed 40%
itupun receipt & agreement die ta bagi2
dah 2 minggu tunggu
zhaf dah call
i dah msg
agaknye die nak tunggu bapak aku call kot.
Fyi, papa yang bayar, so of coz he wants to see the receipt in black & white
tadi zhaf dah call. die kate 'yang mane eh? nak berapa eh?"
ko lupe ke?ko jangan main gile. nearly a week to go.
haih..mentang2 aku ni 2 je canopy set 
ko amek sambil lewa je eh.
jangan tibe2 die kate oh stock tade. 
patu td ckp mcm nak letak cepat2
they shall bare in mind
if the service is very very bad
papa would not and i say
consider to have them as our canopy vendor for our wedding nanti
u can say byebye
and if they buat tahi on my engagement day nnt
by not showing up ke or the canopy sucks.
(dahlah ade fairy lights)
dey better watch-out
coz i know my daddy very well. 
n trust me dey gonna get it.
and a good one i promise.

so anyway. dey promise to install the canopy the night before
27th. malam. to test the fairy lights and all.
and that night plak Astro CCC annual dinner.
i have to go kejap and amek doorgift and manelah tau kot2 nama naik lucky draw ke
untung2 dpt honeymoon kat melbourne *berangan*
so i wouldnt be around when they install the canopy

mintak2 dey do well.

The  Centrepiece
done with the arrangement
only need one more mirror and floating candles
This is the thing we are so excited about.
kalo jadi mmg cun lah !

The Music
papa will be the one to setup the speakers and all
and yaya my little sister is incharge of the music arrangement
ko dah buat ke belom yoyot?
make a playlist on the lappy 
and burn 1 cd just incase
ur the DJ-lady. 
erk. motif?  pfft !

The Doorgifts
from ARTHARA weddings
thanks to ILoveDiscounts
hehee..discounts are girls bestfriend !
and now the problem is.
ape nak letak dlm ni?
any idea?

So thats it

i will reveil and review all after the event nanti ye !

Nitey nite nite !
Sleep tite
don't let the bed bug bite !


Love, Tya

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


still so much thing to do 
and so less of time.

Family meets The Future Family.

Last Saturday
for the first time
my family payea visit to FFIL
in Seremban

we arrived nearly 9pm
(sebab saya bekerja habis pukul 7pm.sigh)
sampai rumah, park keta, hop in papa's triton and vroom to Seremban.

We arrived in super hungry!

FMIL with the assist of ila the maid
cooked wonderful dishes for us
super nyummy !

and the FBILs sibuk mem-bbq !

adik, zhaf, faris and my sis.

the heroes : zhaf, afiq(zhaf's brother), adik, afiq (my brother) and faris.
yes both our brothers are named AFIQ. heee~~

the weather was so nice and very windy
so we had dinner outside.

sorry for the blurry picture. 
blame my s2.heheh~

and then mama papa, FMIL and FFIL had karaoke session
for about half-an-hour
while me and zhaf berlegar2 around the house.
yaya sibuk dgn hand phone at the living area
both Afiq's plak sibuk Cigi-time (Cigi = cigarettes)
and while adik and faris lepak kat luar rumah

and then we had mama's specialty cream caramel and pengat labu with coffee and tea

adik halang muka yaya and yaya screamed 'adik! tutup muke kak yaya laa'.

and thats it.
around 1am we shoot back home
and slept like logs

thank FFIL for having us

Love, Tya

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Engagement : The Card

im on off day !
time to settle bits and pieces for the engagement
10 days to go

been updating short posts for the past few days while working and only via phone.
this will be a long one.
im warning you !
hopefully you wont get bored.

so il update one by one kay? =P

first -  The Card.
well heres the story.
we wanted to give zhaf's relative and cousins the map to my house in semenyih
and even our friends yang ta tau jalan nak dtg rumah for the engagement ni.
zhaf's relatives is from all different parts of KL
it would be troublesome if dey have to go down and gather at zhaf's house in seremban and then shoot back up to semenyih for the ceremony kan.
bazir minyak dgn tol je.
so instead dey have discussed and agreed that dey will gather at petronas sunway semenyih before bergerak as one rombongan to my house.
so utk mengurangkan kerja kami org asyik call and mengelakkan org sesat nnt
papa made a roadmap to our house
 (of cos papa yang buat. nak harapkan aku kang org bole sesat sampai singapore wooo!)
papa made a very very good map. it has all route to semenyih.

dari KL-via federal highway,Ampang-via MRR2, Seremban-via PLUS highway, Seremban via LEKAS highway
my daddy is so great with directions

so zhaf printed out the maps
and then i say
'takkan kte nak bg pakcik2 and cousin2 awk kertas ni camtu je.?'
and so we went out in search for a small envelopes for the map
proper sikit kan kalo letak dlm envelope.
but then masa tgah jalan2
guess what. 
we found small cute cards.
and its like super cheap!!
50cents and u get 8 pieces of cards!
that is 0.0625 cents each !
ape lagi. rembat lah. hee~
we bought 2 designs. 1 is for the relatives like uncles & aunties (sbb nampak mcm formal sikit design die) and another one is for cousins & friends (sbb macam corak die comel2 sweet gitewww)

the card looks like this.:

'Your Presence is Requested'  For uncles & aunties

For cousins & friends. 'Party!' pfffttt !

pretty kan? and it doesnt cost alot pun
dalam die kosong je.
just tulis je la sendiri.
so we wrote on it and masukkan sekali the road maps
zhaf's uncles and aunties love it !
and we are so glad dey did !
hopefully mereka tidak sesat ye! heheh~

so kesahnye.
tibe2 tunang ni.
ade card.
ready made. and cheap!

tibe2.. =P