Sunday, November 20, 2011


I was driven to create this blog as suggested by my ex-coursemate ereen.
Being said that il have to share about my preparation for my engagement and wedding with other bride-to-be !!

Plus. my senior coursemate. kak kerry also is a b2b and following her blog is much fun.

and so, i say, hey i should give it a try. ! and also setelah mendapat sokongan from the tunang-to-be..hehe~

who knows, i shall start back bloggin like i use to when i was back in Uni. *oh i just miss the good old days in campus*

Ereen said 'update la blog kau weh, bole aku tgk preparation kau' and she said nnt bole link with other bride-to-be blogs and who knows, we could share ideas and contact/connection with others for their wedding as well? rite?

Yeah ! why not ?

SO !

to kick off, let me just start with introducing the term 'US'.

Tya - Athirah

is in her mid 20s and working in a broadcast company.
staying in damansara with the beloved aunty and sometimes on off-days or weekends, will drive down to her parents house in Semenyih.

The Aunty

Love life hasn't been easy for her. Broken hearted like a zillion times. Being cheated like gazillion of times. But with the support of her friends and families. she stood up again and smile. Believing that theres always a light at the end of the tunnel. and everything happens for a reason. Allah knows best kan ?

Been telling the whole world that. 'Hey Im gonna get a ring in this finger by the time i'm 30 !'. and when i went to a reunion and they keep asking 'you came alone?'. a simple answer 'oh yes, you'll see me coming alone for the next what, 5 years at least?' hahaha! confidently saying . im definitely gonna marry LATE !

Early this year,
She was madly into this one guy, he is actually a friend and they hang out quite often and somehow she attracted to him maybe because of the fact that this guy has this Chinese features, with sepet tiny lil eyes that makes her cair so much. (kononlah). she was sangatlah suke to the the extend it didnt bothers her even the whole world says. 'he's not worth it Tya !' or she herself realize that 'alah he will never like me, im way out of his league, die nak badan mcm supermodel, with perfect smile. well im far below that par'..but then, she still stuck in that silly feeling she had. Acting cool in front while deep inside knowing the fact he took off with some other girls strikes her down.

Few of her friends indeed kind enough trying to hook her up with some guys just to divert her from him. They are pretty nice guys but she wasn't into it. not yet. and as i said. still stuck in it ! (duhhh?)

but this one colleague of hers, Akmar or as call as Ama, popped-out a question.

'Tya, nanti aku nak kenalkan kau dengan kawan baik aku bole? aku rase mcm kau sesuaaaaiii sangat ngan die weh' ...WOW ! confidently !

Honestly speaking, kadang2 rase mcm loser gile, coz she cant meet or should we say, just cant attract a nice guy to like her. sampaikan orang yang kene tlg match make kan. Gosh!!

and so she said. 'hmm. bole je ma. kawan2 dulu..' (katenyeee kawan dulu? whurdd?)

Ama : Ok nanti kte gi buka puasa same2 eh?

The very next day, a guy added her on FB. and she still clearly remember she said :

'sape plak la Khairul Zhafri yg add aku ni? dah la name mcm exboyfriend aku yg ta gune tu!'

but somehow she dont know why. her lil point finger still click the 'CONFIRM' button!!

and it started off in FB, next on a date for berbuka puasa, and next thing i know, i have this little tingling feeling in here. eh ? bole ? and after a while. i realize. hey. he made me free from this horrible feeling i had before?

and i thank god for it !

also to my two collegues Akmar and Amir (they gonna get married next year as well..congratz both!)

Thank you for giving me the oppurtunity and found this wonderful lil creature, that makes me feel so complete !

Zhaf - Zhafri

In his late 20s. was born in KL, but now living in Seremban with his mother, stepfather and 3 brothers. ah yes ! he's the Eldest.

Having these 3 lil chipmunks, was so much fun!!..they welcomed me everytime and make me feel so comfortable and fit in so well with them. heeee!

Adik * Zhaf * Faris * Afiq

Suke sangat dpt adik2 jantan. dey respect bang long diorg ni. and so as me as future kak long mereka! ehe!

Zhaf likes colours and buttons. and also everything about vintage! just like me!..

Love musics, Jazz and Oldies like Frank Sinatra, The Beatles
Love Arts and Crafts,
Love theatres and live band shows. ... we have all that in common!!
oh and he loveeee singing. and trust me. he sounds demm good!

Most importantly, die beragama. alhamdulillah.
kite bukan mintak yang alim gile macam ahli ulama, cukup sekadar tahu agama, solat, dan bole imamkan kite bersolat. kan?

Bak kata mama 'eloklah dapat org mcm ni kak. biar bentuk sikit kau tu.'

Ye Mama ! saya mengaku ! hehe.


At this moment, when i recall back. the moment i was tearing away on the day i found out my ex-bf cheated on me, the day dey dumped me over crap-reasons, the day the guy i really like had an argument with me and told me off 'go and think or care about someone else!', the day i felt so effing down and demotivated and the day after weeks of tears, i woke up, stood tall, chin up!, shed the tears and say. 'hey! il find someone way way waayyyy much better than you someday!' .. its all came true !

Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah, Sesungguhnya kau lebih mengetahui segalanya.


Love, Tya

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Moment

i personally love this and definitely it will be play on my wedding day ! =)