Thursday, December 8, 2011

The first day when our family met...

before i start..let me just briefly explain..

both zhaf parents split when he was about 14 years old. and both his parents have married new. his mom married and got a little brother which we call adik. and his father married but eventually no kids thereafter.

zhaf hajat is for his biological father would take the honor to handle merisik and his mak teh would saarungkan cincin risik. While his biological mother plak will handle majlis pertunangan nanti.

so, my family so far ta jmpe mama zhaf lagi. only ayah's side dah jmpe coz of the merisik that day.

So on 13th November 2011....

mama and papa pergi pasar to buy some stuff to cook for dinner that nite. ayah zhaf dtg after maghrib.
mama cooked lauk sambal paru, asam pedas ayam and laksa johor. which her specialities. nyumnyummm...heee

zhaf slept over the nite before, therfore he helped around with the kitchen stuff. (nasib baik dpt laki ta kesah masok dapur and membantu..alhamdulillah)..

Membantu peel-off the potato skins ;)

And later we siap2 and went off to The Gardens to grab a basket of fruits. ade kedai buah kat bawah Garden tu. Siap bg fresh fruit juice free lagi while waiting for them to wrap the basket cantik2..I loike ! hehe

and while waiting, camwhore. macam biasa.
showing off my new giant ring and bracelet Bubushi bagi

We also went to Bangsar Village to grab the cupcakes @Bisou . Zhaf's favourite cupcake station! and my sister, Yaya love it.

You can see from the face ! Pleasure....~

Then nearly 6pm we arrived back home. tengok most things dah settle. the foods pun dah ready.
Aunty Bib sponsored macaroons and apam-filled and Aunty Nah sponsored chocolate cake (Our favourite one which it is a benda wajib for every of our family occasion!) heee~

i just wore baju kurung cotton (my favourite piece) with a pair of selendang. duduk je kat dapur with cousins Su and Mak Buyung-Kak Mira. Tibe2 dengar diorang panggil untuk sarung cincin. pheeewit. dem segan gile.! huhuh..ramai plak tu..

but alhamdulillah, Mak Teh die sarung kan. and DONE DEAL ! hehehe~

The day we bought it. i burst to tears. sebab mcm ta sangka dah beli cincin.

and sumpah muke penat.

alhamdulillah sme selesai. mlm tu hujan lebat. but everything went well.

Thanks to MAMA, PAPA, COUSINS, AUNTIES, UNCLES and all.. (macam ucapan menang award dah kenapa athirah? =P )



Love, Tya


dhiera said...

best ye.. zhaf tu tak kesah masuk dapur. jarang nak jumpa lelaki macam ni. hukhuk

salam perkenalan dear. tak sangka blog saya ada dekat bloglist sblh ni~

tYa athirAh said...

huhu~.. die mmg rajin masok dapur..kalo dtg umah he will duduk dapur, tlg2 kacau2..and by the time papa nak kua gi smoke kt garage kereta, die follow..

heee! salam perkenalan dhiera..yup! linked yours already ! .. heee

Madly Mad said...

untungkan dpt yg x ksah masuk dapur.
Salam b2b 2012. b2b dari Pahang.
salam perkenalan dari kejauhan.
oh, ive linked u...hope x ksah.
selamat berkongsi tips menarik!


tYa athirAh said...

heylo syakila~

salam perkenalan..

pleasure to be link as well ~ heheh!