Thursday, June 27, 2013

A big decision i made ....

hello dear readers,

i only have about half an hour left before 1pm
i then need to get ready for work .. *sigh*

honestly i don't know what to blurt out but i just feel like writing in :)

this week has been pretty much exciting
well it actually started off rough on Sunday.. seriously stress gilerrrr... 
i was not feeling well since Saturday..pening muntah2..nope i know what you're thinking...not yet..hahahah~ 
aaanyway..and so sunday dah lah pening..stress lagi with work..balik lambat..tiba2 monday morning as i woke up..dah started rasa beratt sangat kepala ni..tah kenapa tah..i forced my self back to sleep.. (fyi, i keje petang at 4pm that day) i have like few hours more to rest before work.. but i couldn't doze off...i started muntah muntah n muntah lagi..called zhaf and he terus mintak GL (guarantee letter) and asked his boss to signed. Well, he panicked! hahah~ 

Zhaf sent me off to HUKM (or now called PPUKM or UKMMC) straight to non-critical emergency section. i can't walk so kene soronglah atas 'wilcha'.. rasa maca, nak angkat tangan ala2 usop sambil jerit 'kite bakor kite bakor' ..tapi nak angkat jari pun tak larat time tu uols....hahhaah!  :).

Oh ! and they put me on drip..sebab muntah banyak sangat takut dehydrated katanya.. eee paling benci masok air..sakit ok die cucuk jarum tu..urghhhh! hate it! 

after the blood test urine test and whatever test lagi lah..nasib tak de ape2.. doctor said i dah kene gastrik..which before this i dont have gastrik at all !!.. means i dont eat well lately....makan fact sometimes tak makan langsung kat office.. lesson to learn. now i should learn to take time out from the workstation and eat ! huhuhu~

then on monday itself, something, somewords gave me a wake up call..and i made a decision that  i never thought i least not anytime soon.. but i made up my mind and this is the right thing to do.. insyallah

and what's the decision's all about?

well i'll tell you soon enough okkie?

pinky promise :)

okkie darlings, i have to click the publish button now and get ready for work. 

tak sabar today ends itself..coz tomorrow's weekend and it's my off day! family time !  yeay! 

take care lovelies :)

Love, Tya

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ze' Lil Roadtrip (Part 2)

first and foremost
im really really truly sorry for abandoning this for about 2 months already
we just installed Unifi..
so dah ada internet di rumah yo! 

as promised ze lil road trip sequel

next stop was
Cameron Highland

it was actually a surprise from mr hubster
dah lameeee sangat tak naik cameron
balik2 genting je
so i was pretty excited haha! 

we stayed at Equatorial 
pretty nice room
breakfast was nice
and the staff was really helpful :)

we arrived quite late dalam kol 8 macam tu
so we had dinner and just rest ourselves in the room after a long trip from penang

 Equatorial Cameron Highland

the next day hubster brought me through hills of tea leaves
cantik sangat permandangan nye :)

we had tour around the factory and learn about tea! yeay! 

and we had tea and pastries at Boh Tea Plantation

it was raining heavily up there and we were stranded for almost more than an hour
but we treat ourselves with more tea and pastries! hahaha~

oh and due to that we bought Boh's umbrella..
cantik and besar :) 

later on the way back kitorg singgah beli vegetables, fruits, flowers, and honeys

the next following day we headed to Malacca
at first planned to celebrate birthday mama dekat Umbai
tapi last minute cancel and the brother in laws decided to makan chinese seafood dekat seremban je
but  since we were already in Malacca
jalan-jalan Malacca la ape lagi..


he bought a hat..ala comeynyeee~ 

then we bump into my cousin's friend , Zima
she was chillin at this one nice cafe of her friend's

oh we highly recommend this
if you are in Malacca
make yourself chill out at 
Malacca Cafe

They have such nice drinks and foods
we had chilli cheese fries and delicious yummy cake 
which i dont remember what it call 
but memang sedap i tell you! 

me and dearie Zima

we definitely gonna go there again to have the cake! heheh~ 

well that's about it.

sorry not so much pictures taken sebab gune handphone je
so nak jimat bateri sebab perjalanan jauh..ahahah~ 

till then people

will write again soon

toodles :)

Love, Tya