Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterday was pretty hectic
as usual

pagi mcm biasa wat report 
sent off  the email at 8.08am
under the monitoring eyes of CJ
thanks Cj !

tu pun ada silap sikit kt report tu
saya belajar !

ta sempat even to grab a breakfast
boss da dtg
my partner Dhiva cuti smlm
so i sorang2 je.

sat with boss like until 1.30pm
discussion after discussion
and tibe2 rasa super lapa
maybe the brain says
'i need a rest'

and so went and grab my lunch
half an hour je
than back infront of the pc
smlm ddk dgn boss the whole day buat some arrangement
and which i know people will hate me for that
smlm ta buat ape2 lagi dah ade yg sound n marah2

managing is not an easy job
and we never can please everybody

and papa said the same thing

speaking from a managing director himself. 

well whatever it is.
i realize that this not gonna be an easy peasy job
its a new team, a new role
therefore lotsa things need to be done and manage
some people will like it
some people will not
some people can adapt to it easily
some will never want to accept it
its a nature
whatever it is
i have to face it
dgn hati yg kental

honestly speaking
sometimes i worried
that people will hate me for this
and i will tend to lose my friends in the office

boss kate
'bile org da pilih,
meaning people trust you
and you have to trust yourself
that you can do it !
and knowing people percayakan kite
we have to do it at our utmost level best
to show to the people that you deserve it'

berusaha !

but thank god i have such a cool boss and a partner Dhiva !
both are helpful and motivating

mintak2 la org ta benci saya.

keep telling my self
i can pull this off
i will be just fine !

and today
is my offday !

tomorrow is my first day
handling the report and floor
without my boss around
yup.on my own
dulu datang jawab call
doing my own stuff
and then balik

this time?
nebes tetibe
hopefully i have the team managers help me in case im blur about anything
which i am
blur and lampi
bak kate my previous boss Didie

saya budak baru belajar
kalau salah tolong tunjuk kan ye..

wish me luck !

So today woke up late
aunty went off for an appointment

im gonna take my shower in a short while
pack up and shoot off back home
Hero and adik will be coming over
adik is on weekend tuition with my sister yaya
every weekend
nak PMR this year
so he have to struggle hard 
adik can do it ! 

petang karang nak dating !
well actually to discuss stuffs about our wedding
nak finalize this and that
and make a decision about the whole theme and hantaran.

nasib dapat lelaki jenis bole buat berbincang

and plus
nak tengok2 hantaran
weeeee !
survey dulu...

gosh lagi 4++ months je ?

cant wait !


ok. stop it !

anyway peepol
i wish u'l have a great day 
and a wonderful weekend

till then


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