Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Heyloo peepol
how was ur week so far?
well mine was pretty hectic

as i mention on my previous post
yesterday was my first day as a new role

belajar buat report 
discussion after discussion

my brain is trying to digest everything
banyak benda nak belajar

but its ottey
athirah would be just fine

reached the office at 7.45 sharp!
terus naik level 7
buat report with CJ
after sending the email off
baru lega hati ini

pastu gi belajar with kak liza plak

then went down
done some stuff

then at 5pm
nak balik
tapi tgk luar tingkap
jammed like helll  !
ok im not gonna go out now.
dah la drive manual
mau patah kaki aku ni kang
and so i lepak at the office kejap
email out ape yg patut..

by 8pm 
disebabkan tak ble tahan
coz its nearly 12 hours in the office
i went off

reached my aunty's house at 9pm
washed up
on my lappy
and trus write this blog

and at the same time
tengah whatsapp with Hero.

and suddenly rasa macam ta sabar nak kahwin

just ignore the top & bottom message..heee

2 org budak kelaparan tengah berangan kahwin


ok super sleepy
asik menguap je dr tadi
esok keje pagi lagi.
nak dodo

nite nite peepol.


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