Monday, February 13, 2012

b2b wedding crash : Kak Kerry & Renee's big day

12th February 2012
crash weddings of the b2bs
with jamme

its the big day for my dearie sister
Kak Kerry 
with her beloved hubby and my bestfriend

Kak kerry is one of the b2b
but initially she is like a big sister to me
She was my senior coursemate back in UM
and my exbf was her classmate
when i was rocky with my ex
she were the one i confide to
she listens and calm me down
same goes with her
when she is sad n in tears
i'l listen and try to comfort her
convincing her that everything will be okkay =)

and then as i graduated
she offered me a job
in IMR as research assistant
thanks to her
i got my first job!

that Mr Nice guy
was one quiet guy in class
well i still remember
when we were just a few weeks
starting off our first sem first year
me and wina was in search of a cute guy
konon2 pembakar semangat nak pegi class
and somehow me and wina berebut kan mirza
and kadang2 tu selambe je konon2 gaduh rebutkan mirza depan die
'mir aku punye la' 
'takk aku punye aku nampak dulu'
and we laugh about it.
mirza knew that it was just a tease
all he would say 
'sabar2 jangan rebut aku. satu satu la'
whattt..die ingt die aaron aziz? ombak rindu sangat.,.

both of them were there when heavy rain pours
down on me

back in the days
when i need someone to talk to
i will sometimes text them both

so ya.
we knew each other since like 2005 

and the day i heard they we're together
aku yang melonjak2 macam monyet

pada tanggal 12 February
the moment i heard
'aku terima nikah khairiyah binti khalid dengan mas kahwinnya tiga ratus ringgit tunai'
and those 2 saksi mengangguk
i broke down to tears
tak caya tanya jamme

a night before the day
i called mirza
'mir, amcam org nak menikah nii.'
and he sound so excited. he laugh,
'dah practive banyak kali dah ni weh'
i know he can do it.
and he did !

after all they went thru
the have strongly gone thru it together
till they reach this day

nebes ye kak?

nebes jugak mamat ni..hhee

the hantarans

oh, mirza is a kayakers in UM. so that explains the kayak and fishes on the cake =)

the bridesmaids

done with the solemnization
we move to the hall where the reception will be held
and we love the pelamin
simple n sweet !
love it !

and we met with zimie
one of b2bs as well
she came with her mr fiancee
she is such a dolly
but eventually we havent had much time to chat
hope next met-up we could catch up =)

then we head to renee's reception
at bukit damansara
the pelamin was awesome
and renee is one gorgeous bride !

we all sampai ngam2 die nak potong cake 
and that 3 tier cake were gorgeous as well !

the food was nyummy i tell u
sampai si jamme bawak balik brochure die 
The Caterer : Sri Payung

and we met another three lovely b2bs
Rina Lia, Heriena and Haliza
we snap a few photo of ours

They just love magic pens and crayons !

and thats it
we went back
with belly full !

Thanks to my little bro Afiq - de driver



Serigala Maroon said...

aishh, rugi x pegi wedding renee huhu

winawin said...


It's supposed to be a secret sampai mati la... nanti Kery tak bagi jumpa husben di da~ hehe ;)

WaTy said...

Cantik nye baju bridesmaid kerry. Hihihihi renee pon sgt gojess!!

Kerry Mirza said...

wina:secret apa ni?????hahaah

tirahhhhhhhhh...sweet sgt post niiiiiiiiiiii! love u to bitsssssssssss

p/s:nak curi gambar boleh ye.heee