Monday, January 16, 2012

The Engagement : The Card

im on off day !
time to settle bits and pieces for the engagement
10 days to go

been updating short posts for the past few days while working and only via phone.
this will be a long one.
im warning you !
hopefully you wont get bored.

so il update one by one kay? =P

first -  The Card.
well heres the story.
we wanted to give zhaf's relative and cousins the map to my house in semenyih
and even our friends yang ta tau jalan nak dtg rumah for the engagement ni.
zhaf's relatives is from all different parts of KL
it would be troublesome if dey have to go down and gather at zhaf's house in seremban and then shoot back up to semenyih for the ceremony kan.
bazir minyak dgn tol je.
so instead dey have discussed and agreed that dey will gather at petronas sunway semenyih before bergerak as one rombongan to my house.
so utk mengurangkan kerja kami org asyik call and mengelakkan org sesat nnt
papa made a roadmap to our house
 (of cos papa yang buat. nak harapkan aku kang org bole sesat sampai singapore wooo!)
papa made a very very good map. it has all route to semenyih.

dari KL-via federal highway,Ampang-via MRR2, Seremban-via PLUS highway, Seremban via LEKAS highway
my daddy is so great with directions

so zhaf printed out the maps
and then i say
'takkan kte nak bg pakcik2 and cousin2 awk kertas ni camtu je.?'
and so we went out in search for a small envelopes for the map
proper sikit kan kalo letak dlm envelope.
but then masa tgah jalan2
guess what. 
we found small cute cards.
and its like super cheap!!
50cents and u get 8 pieces of cards!
that is 0.0625 cents each !
ape lagi. rembat lah. hee~
we bought 2 designs. 1 is for the relatives like uncles & aunties (sbb nampak mcm formal sikit design die) and another one is for cousins & friends (sbb macam corak die comel2 sweet gitewww)

the card looks like this.:

'Your Presence is Requested'  For uncles & aunties

For cousins & friends. 'Party!' pfffttt !

pretty kan? and it doesnt cost alot pun
dalam die kosong je.
just tulis je la sendiri.
so we wrote on it and masukkan sekali the road maps
zhaf's uncles and aunties love it !
and we are so glad dey did !
hopefully mereka tidak sesat ye! heheh~

so kesahnye.
tibe2 tunang ni.
ade card.
ready made. and cheap!

tibe2.. =P



Huda Luna said...

comel kad engagement party tuuuu!

Journey of Bride To Be said...

ala tomeinya card dia...btw beli kat ne babe....

Dell said...

bestnye ! engagement pun ade card . ^___^
awaaakkkk !!
saya followwww awak .
jom follow sy balik !!
^___^ nanti kote jalan2 lagi ye sini.

dhiera said...

unik~ ada kad engagement. wiwit..
papa tya sunggu considerate mengenai orang lain~

tak sabar nak tunggu tya review engagement tya~

Fariza said...

wow. cntik kad :)