Sunday, January 29, 2012

We're Engaged !

can't believe myself that there's a
beautiful little ring on my finger
im officially
woooottt woottt!

my engagement was AWESOME!
i am so freaking happy with how it went
everything i have ever imagine!

there's a little sneek peak of all
and il wait piccas from my OP - Nikaizu
and then il upload all and review sekali one by one
ottey? =)

ok this gonna be ucapan seperti pemenang juara lagu.
just bare with it okkay? heee =P

a zillion thank you to my families
aunties, uncles, cousins, my two little brother n sister, mr fiancée
and especially
to PAPA and MAMA
for making this happen !

my superhero PAPA
for the awesome awesome super awesome!
pelamin ! 

the delicious foods
and also all the technicality of the whole ceremony
papa d macgyver ! 

for the utmost support and advice
the wonderful 2 tier pulut kuning hantaran

for the gubahan hantaran yg super cute

everything about the awesome event

i can never would imagine my engagement ceremony and celebration would be like this if without both of them

to my little sister and brother
thank u so much for making sure that everything is in place
as how ur 'cerewet' big sister ever wanted ! hehehe
my sister..for making my hair pretty !

To my aunties
aunty ah, aunty bib, aunty nah
for my gorgeous gubahan hantaran

for the sponsorships
and for the handy hands through out the process and the events !

to my uncle yahya !
for being my awesome 'wakil'
uncle kene practice pantun 
bwh tya ade lagi 2 uncle kene wakilkan ni..hehhe~

to my cousins
for the handy hand through the process and after the events!
thank u soo much !

thanks also to my friends
my besties !
MEJETOL & her hubby ZAEEM
for allowing her to be part of this =)
and for the sponsorship of the sweet treats for the buffet
and also for being by my side through out the process


for making my sweet buffet, delights buffet and choc fountain deco so sweet and cute.
and also the 'all u need is love' centrepieces.
trying hard to make sure everything is in place 
the tags and deco was incredibly pretty!!

to my awesome OP
ta sabar na tunggu piccas !

to MUA
who is also my officemate
who did a good job
making my face look so incredibly flawless

thanks to them
my dream came true with their gorgeous transparent canopy

and last but not least
thanks to Mr Fiancée
for the love and support !

Senyum sampai tinge =)

Love, Tya


Kikin Amer said...

grandnya u punye e-day!
anyway congrats dear :)

UyaRayza said...

WOW!! thats the first word that came out from my mouth haha..seriously the dias is superb. the canopy is awesome. everything looks gorgeous. congratez dear ;)

tYa athirAh said...

kikin : thanks kikinnn =)

uya : heee...rasa ta sia2 berpenat lelah sme..worth every single time i spent for it..hehe~ thank u darl~

Azreen Shafila Abdullah said...

congrate kak.. all are gorgeous :)

[az azhari]™ said...

congrats babe!!

tYa athirAh said...

azreen : thank u dear~

az : thanks yang !! =)

Ila@Bella@Nabila said...

Congrates dear. Wrlcome to b2b world. ;-)

Anis_Apis said...

I want the standing lamp!!!! hehehe

tYa athirAh said...

thanks ila...

boleh jamme..ko nak letak kat mane nnt ?

dila v(^_^)v said...

sgt suka every single thing on ur eday..cepat review satu2! huhuhu

dhiera said...

tya, superb gojes ok! thumb up~

My Life's Journey said...

Wauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu memang dasyat majlis pertunangan dear ni tengok ..taniah dear :)

iAmeFie said...

Kechewa gila xdpt pegi!!!!!
*nangeslaju2* T_T

SOULMATE is said...

dear tya...
u punya dais cntik..i bekenan..
baru je post kat blog cter idam dais mcm u pnya..hehe..nnti i letak crdit ya...sbb jumpe kat OP u :)

pinjam cedok idea ya :)

salam perkenalan :)

loVe puRpLe said...

comeinye pelamin n super awesome purple!! ... (^-^)anyway.. congrat sis