Friday, January 13, 2012

The Engagement : The Dais DIY

its around 3 weeks to go
but papa dah nak build up the dais

and so last weekend
papa, zhaf and yaya build up the frame of the dais
basically papa used iron rods, joined it, skrewed it together and make it as a frame.
the tricky part is to ensure it to be perfectly straight 90degrees at each corner.
berapa kali bukak sini skrew balik. bukak sana, skrew balik.
but in the end..
perfect angle !

and just look at this 2 engineers working hard ensuring the angles are perfect
yaya the little sister is very handy when it comes to screwdrivers, players and whatever mac gyver's tools
and Me?
i just know NUTS!

now done with the frame
and then there comes the mommy with her handy hand
decorating it.
the backdrop drape is up !

this weekend papa will be going over to Meru with mama
to get the platforms.
papa called the manufacturer
and he said. 
he'l give it for fweeeeeeee !!!

once the platform is here,
the 2nd drape will be up
and then the rest as well.
ta sabar nak main deco deco !

oh and see whos mem-busy body as well.
'aunty tya wat pe ni ? tok chu wat ape ?'
 'hannah nak tenok aunty tya tawen tu' (which means die nak tgk hantaran)
'hannah nak shushu'
and kami sumbat die dgn susu..
habis cerita.. hehhee

Love, Tya


fazlien said...

gudluck dear for ur engangement preparation=D

tYa athirAh said...

thank u dear ! =)

Asfiza said... yg best ni.. :)