Saturday, January 21, 2012

i banned and curse you

**Girls before you read this...let me tell you that this post has been edited atas dasar simpati and kasihan akan the so call 'owner'-cum-the-'managing director' of the company i said below..HE eventually read my blog about the expose^ of his TERIBBLE and DISGUSTING service..he personally text me a few days back konon2 mintak maaflah. to repay nak sponsor canopy nikah hello..AKU DAH KAHWINlerrr..he asked me to delete the post..but after consulting with the B2Bs..let me just remain the post here..but the i'l remove his FULL name and the COMPANY name.haihh..kesian org mcm ni kan?..well..i must say..

DESPERATE PEOPLE COMES WITH DESPERATE MEASURES n husband was laughing out loud out of his STUPIDITY and at the same time hangin jugak with his IGNORANCE...katanya..jangan di lihat ape yg org ta puas ati..tgk ape yg org puas ati dgn service die..knock knock..kau ni namanya GREEDY BASTARD! kalau ta mampu nak deliver as per expected jangan amik job banyak sangat sampai ta mampu nak buat..patu bile org mintak refund..die bole kata..'u ada masalah kewangan ke?' like tu bayar kau 5 figures kot..ayooo..memalukan melayu a nut shell..die mmg a BIG ARSEHOLE..oh and if YOU are reading glad u read my blog anyway..thanks..LOL'


last night was a horrible night
in the process of my engagement

as mention much much earlier
i took this one canopy vendor for my engagement
they are actually a so call *.S.* Wedding and Events la..
as per quoted by the so-call managing director, A*** A****
RM800 / set

well actually at the same time 
an indian canopy vendor
Joy Ems send in a quotation as well.
FYI, harga mereka beza seratus je
but then, konon2 dgn niat nak tlg melayu
and thinking that, deal dgn melayu lg bagus.
and so we chosed have this canopy vendor anyway

so ok
at first i took charge of asking the quotation, calling him to confirm so on and so forth
but then due to hectic working zhaf took over to follow up with him

on 6th January 2012 
we make our payment
but then till 21st January
its already 2 weeks
i repeat
no receipt. no agreement. nothing.

jangan di tanya berapa byk kali call
berapa banyak msg dah kami send
he seldom pick up the fon
susah sangat
even mama called him pun die tak angkat.
sms. either die ta reply or he will only reply. OK

we called the mother or the actual owner of the company
but then konon katenye she have her own company and he is just using her name
aik? 'kate establish since 1985 and kalau ikot portfolio die gah2 dlm website
isnt it was inherited by him from the mother? konon2 dari kecik dah ikot mak pegi mengandam nmenguruskan wedding and by the age of 24 he took over the company and became a young managing director??
duh!!..that all sounds so TAHI KERBAU to me.. *bullshit*

and if dah establish lame.
takkan la takde assistant kot?
coz everything we have to call you
penat aku carik alternative contact num 
last2 num si vavi ni jgk
and even i called the office 
'nombor yang anda dail telah tamat perkhimatannye'

mama papa dah kate
die ni lain macam dari awal lagi
call tak angkat. and tak call kte balik 
and then sms ta reply.
papa dont think this is a good deal.
and plus
melayu kalo buat bussiness mmg mcm haram
kalau cina die jaga customer die
infact even potential customer pun die jaga
my dad is a businessman himself for years so he knows how is it like doing business with MELAYU

infact kitorg pun mmg ta sedap hati.
and true enough

around 6pm 
zhaf received a sms by si 'vavi' tu
'im sorry i cannot do ur canopy, please give me ur acc num n i will bank in back the money'
without any reason y?
in less than a week?

kurang ajar kan?
sangat ! sangat ! sangat !
kurang di ajar

i curse you  !

tak sangka
melayu buat kat bangsa sendri

merosakkan majlis orang

smlm panik sekejap
and when papa got back home
i expect die akan mengamuk
but then die cool je
and say
'as i expected'

so i trus call another company tu
An indian man by the name of Joy pick up
i guess his the owner kot
he sounds so friendly 
and i told him
that we wanted to have him as our vendor.
and extremely sorry for the short notice.
he said hes in a wedding and unable to access t ohis schedule and so will confirm by tomorrow
then i sms him the details and told him to confirm soonest so that we could proceed the depo
even his sms pun sounds ok.
hopefully kali ni bagus

zhaf also called his friend Nazrin from Q caterer
and they were so piss off
'org macam nilah yg buat ktorg susah nak carik makan. sbb menipu org patu org dah ta percaya nak buat bussiness dgn org melayu'
yes! that is very much true indeed.
and plus they say
'zhaf kalau ko tak dpt carik canopy, ko roger ktorg, ktorg cover. tapi arabian canopylah'
they dont have transparent canopy just yet.

so skang
saya pasrah

kalau dpt my transparent canopy
as what i wish for
i would tears to joy
and very much relief !

but if not
terimalah takdir
arabian canopy

asal jalan majlisnye =)

and as papa said.
'whatever people say, kene tolong bangsa sendri. tapi kalau bangsa sendri buat tahi kat bangsa sendri mcm mane?'

so ya people

whoever yang amek or thinking of having this wedding event whatever
just please please be careful
some say
jangan terpedaya dgn portfolio all this business 
handling ziana zain la, catriona ross la
whatever shit artist dey have handle
sme itu dusta.
they have to many competitors in the business
that make them so desperate to get a job
until they lie !

so whatever it is

i want my daddy's money back
as promised by si vavi tu to return back our money

or else

ktorg akan haramkan sampai  mati
and biarlah allah yang membalasnya

simple as that

Love, Tya