Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Engagement : 4 done 3 to go !

already in the office.
gosh awal gile hrni.!
dunno why 
padahal smlm slept at 1am
and its only 4 1/2 hours je???

ok confirm jap lagi ngantok !

and today keje sorang2 kol 8
my team-mates masok middle shift
i swapped with kak jijah
die ade hal penting and wanted to masok petang.

2 things i hate working in the morning
super duper sleepy !

but one thing i love tho
balik awal ! 
and bole sambung buat hantaran !! 

last nite 
me, zhaf and aunty ah
manage to settle 4 dulang
and now
3 to go !

and today 
the little sister's coming back home
ashe and mama will focus on making the fabric flowers
for zhaf's hantaran 
to me !


im sooo happy with my 4 trays done 
crazy in love with the color 
rase mcm nak tido je sebelah hantaran2 tu

1. Sejadah - Done
2. Al-Quran - Done
3. Chocolate pinata plate - Done
4. Chocolate bowl - Done
5. Kain Nikah *pending songket*
6. Pulut kuning tier - dah lilin ribbon, today will arrange the flowers
7. Sirih - not till the morning of the 'day'

ok. another 30mins to go till log in

athirah ! bersemangatlah ! 

pikir esok nak cuti
and time will pass by fast!

harini dont forget to submit resume to RTFM
mintak2 la dapat
atleast for the interview

Love, Tya


Anis_Apis said...

Cant imagine how zhaf ulang alik from ur place to seremban kan dia kerja? gila ngantuk drive hihi

Anis_Apis said...

Cant imagine how zhaf go to work in seremban from ur aunty's place...ngantuk huhu

tYa athirAh said...

mmg die kene ulang alik
after work mmg die akan sampai umah utk tlg mama n aunty wat gubahan
sbb aku keje shift somtimes i couldnt help much
so die tlg2.. huhuh~