Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Engagement : The Invitations

Harini before papa went off to work
papa said
'kakak confirmkan headcount berapa papa nak confirm ngn caterer ni. kang ta cukup makanan baru tau'

and i say


heee =P

and so pepagi dgn mata yang masih stim
mengadap the excel sheets 

and mama pulak called sedara2 to confirm kan sape yg nak dtg
coz ade  families dr johor yg ta dpt dtg

Papa's Families - 21
Mama's Families - 21
Extended Families  - 17
Family Friends - 25
Neighbours - 22
Tya's Closefriends - 33
Yaya's Closefriends - 2
Crew (OP + MUA) - 4
zhaf's families - 70

kire punye kire
add this minus that
total off
220 !

say what??

and when i told my cousin mieza

the reaction


family zhaf je estimated about 70pax
estimated. !

muat ke umah ni?
cukup ke meja?

panic sekejap.

papa kate.
tape bile org ramai dtg
insyallah ramai doa utk kite 

tak salah pun

and this will be our first 
engagement kenduri
before ni kenduri kecil2 je like housewarming things like that.
so this is a real kenduri with more than 100pax

so people would understand
ape2 flaws nnt we learn from it.
and then we know what to do for the wedding nnt
and make it better

plus papa ade lagi 2 anak lagi nak kawin!

so ya.

nuthing to worry about.

saya serahkan pada my daddy to handle 

Thank u Papito !


Love, Tya

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dhiera said...

kite puye jemputan hari tu pun dekat2 200 jugak!