Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Its TWO to go !

this one evening.
on chinese new year
when i was working.
the whole family and my hero
was at home
cleaning and washing the cars

zhaf sibuk momotong rumput
using that machine
sampai mengigil tangan die
the after effect

while afiq & papa
membasuh kereta
oh super penat basuh triton sendri
if given a choice, i definitely gi hantar carwash je~~

and so the grass is nice
and ready for the canopy, tables, chairs
and the people !

weewiiit !!

ok another 2 days to go !

will start baking the honey cornflakes in a shortwhile
with the little sister

but still tomorrow have to wake up early
by 10am have to shoot off to zhaf's house in seremban
with the little sister
to pick him up
and then vroom to jusco seremban
for a foot treatment, pedicure and manicure session
appointment 11.30 am
sepatutnye pegi dgn mama
tapi mama cancel sbb die lupe die ade medical checkup

td dah tgk baju
and i love it !
tapi ta amek lagi sbb ade nak kecik kan sikit.

ok people
im gonna peace out 
coz i got some baking to do.
pfft !!!

Love, Tya


Anis_Apis said...

babe, im gonna make my blog private...gimme ur email address so i can invite u hehehe

UyaRayza said...

wahhhh mesti x sabar kn..cepat habis lega sket...anyway good luck dear ;)..i know u will b a gorgeous bride :)

tYa athirAh said...

jamme: awat tetibe private? ade stalker ke??

uya: thanks darling! .*wink*