Monday, January 2, 2012

The FBIL's E-day

31st December 2011

to end the year 2011

my little FBIL
is now

congratz FARIS !!

i slept over @FFIL's house in Seremban
woke up early and went to the salon
had my hair done
*beria macam aku plak yg nak bertunang*

and at about 2.45 shoot off to PD

the rest.

let the pictures tells it all =)

the arrival - Future cousin in laws..

Fatins family & FFIL

FBIL and future besan. eh? hehe 

 Afiq's (FFBL) girlfriend - Nina

and now let seet the hantarans

from Fatin for Faris :

and now from Faris for Fatin

and thats about it ! =)

Love, Tya 

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sitinazirah86 said...

tahniah dear,xchange link dgn ira jom