Sunday, January 8, 2012

the engagement : the invitation

just finished designing the little invitation
to post it in the FB 
for the event invitation

sekejap je
just a simple one
ta sampai 15 minutes

for engagement ni only close and selected friends sahaja yang di jemput

about 200 people sahaja.

plus minus families 

so tadi just created the event invitation at FB
about 25 close friends were invited
if they respond whether are they attending
bole la kte budget2 and roughly figure on the jemputan yang akan hadir.


insyallah another 6 bulan lagi 

bole la invite sme !



Kerry Mirza said...

merajuk la ini macam! :p

artzleen said...

I'm getting Engage too, but I punyer date is on 23rd January.

Congrats ;)

tYa athirAh said...

kak kerry : fb tya kene malware. ta le update status or do anything for 24hours. slalu kene macam ni..banganglah fb nii~

artzleen : u first ! congratz too !

zaeem zakaria said... im one of the lucky 25 peeps tu la ek..

dhiera said...

6 bulan lagi?? bulan 7 la ye~ wink wink