Thursday, December 15, 2011

Teary Eyes

At this very moment, as im updating this,
Tya tgah waiting for aunty nah and zhaf sampai and afiq blk dr kolej.
we gonna head back to JB

Paklong sakit. tenat. 
He had a stroke but then doctor diagnose somethng wrong with the brain.
at first die still sedar and bole bercakap
but at about 10am yesterday, die ta sedar and doctor said hes under comma.
Paklong is just 51 years old. muda lagi kan?


Paklong have 6 kids 
5 gurls 1 boy
eldest is Mieza, shes my age.
and the only boy. Wan
others: Lia, Nadia, Farah and Ika.
youngest is Ika which baru habis PMR.
now Wan is the only Hero of the family. 
tanggungjawab menjaga mak, kakak dan adik2.
he can do it. we know he can

smlm all of us was in Hospital Sultan Ismail, JB
ramai sgt kawan2 paklong datang. besfren die came and even cried.
officemate die from Kastam Johor sme ade.
dari pukul 4.30pm until 7pm
ade je org datang tgk die.

i know he's a good person.
Everyone loves him.

Actually,we thot of staying
but since Yaya ade test, and papa have an important meeting today
Me, Yaya, Papa and Afiq head back to KL.
Mama stayed over and teman MakLong.

But then, 
mama called pg tadi at 7am telling that doctor asked sedara2 kene dtg tgk
Cos its about time.

Zhaf tooked emergency leave and will follow us back to JB.
Aunty Nah will follow as well.
Aunty Ah and Uncle Achit dah gerak dulu pagi tadi.
We'll be there maybe till Sunday.

Papa and yaya insyallah will turun JB tomorrow after her exam paper.

Doa-doakan dipermudahkan segala urusan.

Love, Tya


Asfiza said...

semoga semuanya akan baik2 saje...sabar yer tya...

dhiera said...

sabar ye tya~

tYa athirAh said...

Thank u As, Thank u Dhiera....