Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Engagement Dais - Dreamy Dais

after such a long journey. im back in KL.
and today. setelah 6 hr cuti. maka bekerjalah harini.
harini bersedialah untuk melihat muke ku yang macam dhabit's poopoo and korang akan rase mcm nak tampar laju2..
hari ni masok kol 3pm and habis kol 12am.
tgah pkir lagi nak balik damansara ke or semenyih.

some may say after seeing the costing of the engagement dais tu.
mahal seh. same je kalo amek bridal package.
lets see.

this was my favourite dais.
it can be either for nikah or for engagement
its a greek style and its simple.
all are fresh flowers.
maybe nampak cam wow sbb ade 4 tiang tinggi tu
but its white, and pure.
so mcm simple je. 
but do u know how much does it cost?
mama papa said ok. 
but tetibe papa kate
would i spend 1k for it and at the end of the day all i have is just a pic of it?

nnt time nikah nak spend another 1k lagi for another dais.

so instead, might as well we spend perhaps 1k for our DIY dais
buying a sofa, a carpet, spotlights so on and so forth
but at the end of the day. it would be ours.

sofa tu nanti bole letak kat umah baru
carpet plak letak kat bilik baru. 
eceh! *berangan*

plus nanti spotlight, platforms sme bole pakai balik for nikah dais
or maybe untuk majlis tunang/nikah adik2 tya nnt.

meaning to say:
papa lah our handyman for kami adik beradik punye majlis tunang and nikah nanti?

insyallah, selagi papa masih sihat.

ade bridal2 kat area kajang and semenyih ni which cost perhaps a bit cheaper than this dais.
but zhaf ta berkenan. 
(padahal yg dok atas pelamin tu ..aku..!)

and infact ade jgk yg dlm package.
for instance, like dais+makeup+whatever whatever all around for RM1500. 
but since my engagement bulan January
and they say the package price for 2012 will only be out middle or end of december
mana sempat nak booking segala
nnt by the time nak booking. tarikh dah fully book
so instead when we ask for quotation sme bgtau harga dais. which cost 1k-1.5k

so eventually.. we would spend for our engagement dais.
that we can use back for our nikah dais
but instead we make a difference with the theme and the deco nanti
maybe i dint get my so-call 'dream' dais for my engagement
but hey
to me. its more worth it.
worth my money for it. 



Ummi Balqis Ismail said...

kretipnye kamu tya....cantik sangat pelamin ni...simple but still gojes...hehehe...suke...suke...suke....=)berbaloi2!!!

salam perkenalan...

Khairiyah aka Kerry said...

vendor ni mmg best.ade few friends akak yg amik.mmg cantik la.baju pun cantik2.hehe.