Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Engagement - The Candy Buffet

this time i wanna talk about my Candy-Buffet
 CandyDandy LittleSandy'
*ching!!* hahah~ 

Last night we focus on the 3 important tables for the Eday nnt
Food tables dah diserahkan kepada caterer ! hee~

i have always wanted to have this !
Zhaf telah merealisasikannya (ayat poyo *facepunch*)


ps: ignore the ugliness of the picture sbb mase testing ni tak cukup chocolate bar. hee~
(supposedly 2kg but we only have 1kg chocolate bar..huhu)

Yes we bought ourselves
our very own

investment yg berbaloi2
pasni kalo ade occasion.
family gathering
cukur jambul
majlis tunang cousin2
or watever..
we already have a chocolate fountain that we can dip in 
and have fun with it.
ho yeah!
anak2 sedara ku pasti suke.
ta payah anak sedara
makcik2 die yg excited lebey..hehe~

This is the first table
it will be our chocolate fountain
with marshmellows, biscuit sticks and etc
for people to dip
and get ugly with it.hhah~

and also we bought this

The Little Popcorn Maker.
kecik dan comel je machine die..
but because ni agak leceh utk di letak di buffet
(sbb mama kate kene ade org jaga and buat popcorn tu..nnt budak2 mane reti operate the machine..and which come to think of it. sape plak cousin2 yg sanggup dok tepi machine tu semata kan?)
so we will think about it first before put it up on the buffet.

mama also bought glasses to put up on the buffet as well

and so last night
we tried to set up the arrangement for 3buffets
Candy Buffet
Delights Buffet
Chocolate fountain

with mama and zhaf
we arranged all the pinggan2 and jars
tagged with the stuff that will be put into it.
mama tooked out all the nice huge bowls and large plates

Candy Buffet :

Delight Buffet:
(Kuih Muih Traditional and also cakes)

The Arrangement draft.

mama tengah design pulut kuning 3 tier for nikah as she wanted to
will see how the outcome nnt..haha

Done with the set up.
also done with the assigning of Person-In-Charge
for the booth setup on the day nnt !

hopefully everything goes as according to the plan on the day itself.

insyallah ~

Love, Tya


Anis_Apis said...

Like sangat!!!
Am thinking of diy-ing my own candy booth jugak :)
if x dpt beli choc fountain by then, sewa bleh??? hahahha

dila v(^_^)v said...

bestnya..siap beli tu.. :)

tYa athirAh said...

jamme: no problem..bole ja..

dila: heee =)

Irine Nadia MaRceLLo said...

yangg..nak tanya ni nak tanya ni!!hehe
fountain machine tu kalau nak beli nak cari kat mane eh? nnt bgtau irine tau :D