Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Engagement Dais

This would be the first post about my E-day preparation.

as you see its another approx 6 weeks to go.
So let see hows the preparation going on.

First thing first.
The Engagement Dais.

Its DIY. i design it. Papa made it. Mama Decorate it. oh yes !
Zhaf promised will help papa around with the construction during weekends.
Saya hanya akan membantu jikalau saya off. sekian. hehe!

So basically the initial design was :
This design was created at first as we wanted to buy this sofa with the 2 stand lamps which match. It was made of totally rattan.

But then papa said, 'Rattan ni ade holes byk kak, nampak cantik but it would be troublesome for you to bersihkan, coz it got holes and spiders suka ni wat sarang die'.

betul jugak papa. huhuh

ingt nak beli sofa bulu2. but papa kate, 'beli mahal2 patu ta ble duduk2 sgt. sbb takot kotor. and plus susah nak jaga.'

papa betul lagi....sigh~

betol la org kate. parents knows best. ! huhuhu~
and so , we changed our mind and bought this :

lagipun nnt rumah baru senang nak fit in with deco.

next is papa already design rangka backdrop and the platform as well.
platform papa dah tunjuk kan but i didn't snap the pic plak.

its quite a tall backdrop there. but papa said it fits well with the height of the wall up to the ceiling.
i didnt say much about that. coz im not the expert.
Papa, my sis yaya and bro afiq will be working on this together. Biar the 3 engineers buat. saya duduk tepi dan lihat je.
let me and mama take over working with the decoration and making my engagement dais - PRETTY =)


Love, Tya


Kerry Mirza said...

papa mesti happy kan..happy for u dik. :)

tYa athirAh said...

mama yang excited lebey.. papa looks cool je..konon! hehe