Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Engagement - Centre Piece

disebabkan everything is DIY for my engagement nanti. (nak cut cost kaedahnye)
konon na spent most on the wedding nnt la. so engagement ni.ape bole cut kite kasi potong ! hehee
eventho nak spent pun, nak spent it wisely and berbaloi2.
kalo beli barang, nak barang tu at the end jd hak milik sendri.
kalo amek bridal package, hantaran ke, centre piece ke. habis majlis nnt die amek balik
but indeed we pay them alot jugak. uhuhuh!
or else we may spent the same as much as we take a bridal package. but at the end of the day. the whole thing would be ours. right?

anyway !
for centrepiece
we gonna have 8 tables. so kene ade 8 centre piece la kan? (betul ke aku kire ni?)
we went over to SSF near damansara (dont ask me exactly where coz im very bad in navigation. *facepunch*)
sampai2 skali ade stock clearance and every price mark down! 

since our engagement will be held malam.
bole la letak lilin2 kan ?
konon2 give a warm ambience la.. konon..hehee

we then bought 4 of these candle holder which only cost us RM10 (from RM18)

and also 4 of these bowls which cost us only RM5 
thinking that nnt nak fill with water and floating flowers and few floating candles as well.

so settle with the centre piece.

Love, Tya

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