Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Engagement : The Musics

Kalo wedding bole la main lagu kahwin kan..
pak pak ke pong ke pong ke pong
ta pon..lagu..
'selamat pengantin baru..semoga berbahgiaaaa'

tapi time tunang .. 
takkan nak main lagu kahwin plak 
so i was thinking of playing some nice music
soothing to the ear

since engagement nnt malam
hopefully ta hujan..
mama nak the place is light up with lights and candles.
so kene la ade nice musics play jgk kan

me n zhaf went searching for nice cds 
and we found this !

1. 26 Best of Hotels & Resorts Moods
2. Hotel Mood - The Grand Hotel Classical Music
3. Light & Easy - Cafe' Acoustic Love Hits

My favourite Number is Track 09 : Nocturne No.2

My favourite Number is Track 10 : Baby 
Version Acoustic is the best. Better that the original Justin Bieber version. hahah! 

My favourite Number is Track 08 : Fantasie Impromptu

Yelah. Nak buat kat hotel tak mampu.
So lets bring the hotel mood to the house.
ape salahnya kan.? hehe!

insyallah kalau tak ujan.
the place will be lit up with candles and lights
(semalam papa say OK to transparent canopy!.yeayy!)
and as people arrive and while they are enjoying the food
nice soothing music playing
 wouldnt it be great !


P.I.C for Music Compilation : Yaya
P.I.C for Music/Song Coordinator : Pak Su

if you're wondering how the music is.
Just click on the play button below video.
and enjoy !

My favourite Number : Nocturne No.2

Love, Tya


Asfiza said...

wow..bestnya.....as masa bertunang hujan turun selebat2nya selepas rombongan lelaki smpai..tp time balik langit cerah :))

tYa athirAh said...

as : tape ..tu hujan rahmat katenye yg ! hehehe~

Anis_Apis said...

this gonna be an exclusive engagement for sure...looking forward for hotel music hehe