Sunday, December 18, 2011


Al-fatihah to Arwah Paklong - Hishammudin bin Ariffin
he passed away at approx 7.30pm (just right after maghrib) on 16th December 2011
left is his wife and 6 kids. 

die pergi dengan tenang, slepas azan maghrib

tya ta dpt berada disitu sbb zhaf ajak pegi solat maghrib
and after solat, by the time i came back. 
hes gone.

Kastam Diraja gave a helping hand
with the transportations (van jenazah Kastam) and etc.

and also other family members, neighbours and friends
that helped with the process 
dr urusan hospital until kebumi.
our sincere gratitude from the whole family.

we gonna miss u, paklong. 

Love, Tya

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