Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pink or Blue?

I've been into a lot of thinking recently. I was like..hmm..what am i gonna do with my life? Am i like gonna be working on shift basis for the rest of my life? how to raise a child with me working on odd hours? 

was tossing and turning everyday before sleep..looking straight at the ceiling..and i looked right.. well, Zhaf will be, and always be, in deep no ones business.. krooooohh~ pfft! 
mimpi apekah yang enak sangat tido tu bang oi..


even we feel like we are ready for it but
tuhan lebih mengetahui kan


i thought to myself,
 i shall make some changes and insyallah kalau tuhan beri rezeki zuriat nanti..everything would be ready for him or her. 

first step is to make my working time normal
and when i say normal. well you know im on shift basis. and that's not normal (which lasted 4 years owkay!)
honestly, i really salute those mommies whom working on shift with well raised children
i don't think i can ever do that. Even Zhaf wouldn't want me to be still on shift basis as when his child is born. juggling between working on odd hours and raising a child i guess will be extremely tough
so ya. i made up my mind. and this is final.

i started to went on job hunting-mode
went through 'Hot Job" (its an internal vacancy portal thingy within the company) and clicked on every possible post that i may applied for. (i even apply for a DJ post okkay? like hello..i dont think people would ever want to hear my squeaky voice on radio..they will definitely switch it OFF! )

i went through Jobstreet , Jobcenter and whatever jobsearch engine there are in the planet! 

as when then i whatsapp-ed my darling friend-cum-excoursemate back in UM , Azwina. she's in HR in a good company. i imagine we're working in the same office and sure it'll be soo much fun! like the good old days.. :) 
 but too bad there were no vacancies.


so anyway,  in just 4 days (from the day i made up my mind) till i received an offer..well, soon im gonna be in a new environment, new boss, new colleagues, with a better pay..and most importantly..a normal working hours. yippie! 

one pretty good thing for sure, i now have my weekends and public holidays just as Zhaf and we can go visit our families much often ! 
oh.. and make babies too ! muahahahahaha~

i'll definitely gonna miss my current office and colleagues really bad..the hectic environment, the wonderful, cheerful, kecoh office mates, and my ohsum possum WFM teammates.. shoot! im gonna miss all that like a lot a lot ! 

im now serving my notice. but not long i must say. 3 days to go. 

sigh. its so tough being a grown up rite? lots of thinking, lots of juggling, lotsa lots of commitments.

oh well how i miss being a kid, where the hardest decision in life was like picking which crayon to use.
hmm... Pink or Blue eh? 

till then,



[az azhari]™ said...

hey.. good for you babe!! have fun!

winawin said...

" my darling friend-cum-excoursemate back in UM , Azwina."

haha.. bodek neh~

am happy for you.. later we lunch & shopping together eyh. eh.. mcm a clingy girlfriend lak ;p