Friday, July 12, 2013

Blue Round Thing

dah 2 hari kita berpuasa ye.
and today is the 3rd day already
which means 26 days to go 

thinking of Raya make me just so thrilllll ! 

ok stop it.

anyway since during Ramadhan, well as yall know, traffic is like hell ! (opps. puasa. sorry. mind ur words woman! )
since traffic is crazy, i'm doing a favor to ze dear hubster by going back by train for the whole month 
so that he wont have to go thru the heavy traffic in and out of KL just to pick me up from work. 
oh yeah. walk n walk and standing all the way was i tell you. tiring. 
last time i ever use public transport was back then when i was with IMR. 
kalau nak drive pun, my little tenggiling yang suka buat perangai kejap ada aircond kejap tak sometimes pisses me off. there was a time when i reached the office sweating like a pig coz the aircond stopped half way through. it was like two in the noon for god sake. the sun was straight up. 
elok pulak stopped at the traffic lights with bus next to you. it was oven hot! 

but i misses the car so much of coz. berjasa banyak tu. love you tenggiling! 

since i bought a better car, i preferred driving coz even going thru crazy traffics i can sing out loud while eating junkies, with well conditioned, yet still enjoying myself in the car. so less stress.
differ when you go by public transport. well. u know. sardines. sigh

so anyway. i juuuust got to know that Rapid KL dah maju owkay.
went straight to the ticket counter to purchase the tix. hand the lady the yellow note (RM20) and instead of giving me a card and balance, she gave me change.
i'm like, hello lady. i need tix please. 
akak ni pekerja baru agaknye. i thought. 
ya right. kamu yang batak tak pernah naik train. 
excuse me. bukan tak pernah ye. correction : dah lama tak naik train.

i made a cute confuse face to the lady. And still, standing there. *sob*
'dik beli disana ye'. she said while pointing to a row of machines at the opposite side.
still confuse, i walked to the machine.
ah sudoh! camane gaya nak tekan ni? its asking to select location but there's only route map of the train, 
or should i .. (while my point finger keeps touching the screen) 
and d screen then shows, "KL sentral"
and i'm like 'OH my!. that's how it is!"
nampak tak fefeeling tourist di situ? (muntah)
jakun sebenarnye. 

and after a while.
sounds like a coin just drop. 
its a blue round thing. 
jakun lagi. 

i took a train to KL Sentral and changed to KLIA Transit heading to Putrajaya
and pak supir ku akan menunggu di sana. i mean my ever handsome husband. ihik! 

walked from the office di temani si ipod. 

on the 1st puasa we ate free at my parent's place. (who pay eating at the parents anyway? of cos it's free. duh! )
and on the 2nd day puasa. we had fried oysters, asam pedas and yong tau foos,
 at Zhaf's favourite yong tau foo spot. 
Food court Uptown Damansara
it was yummaih i tell you! 

ze fried oyster. 

pardon his 'in shock' face. he love to do that face and i do not know why. oh well, it's cute to me. so i'm fine. hahaha! 

and we had our Maghrib at a nearby mosque.

then. we went over to OU.
and Zhaf got his thang! 

what thang?

the thang he keep on saying he wants it.

say what?


nanti i'll show you the pic. but not now.

till then folks,

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