Thursday, July 4, 2013

Three Six Five = One

Oh my Oh my Oh my !!
it's almost 365 days since i was called a Mrs.
and be married to the man called .. Doramoi.. hahah!
Doramoi? no more Uusi? ok anyway that's another story.

its near to our anniversary. 2 days to come to be exact.
honestly we've planned a few things.
but.. i guess with me on odd working hours and the fact that spending quality time together is the most important thing of all..  we decided to just stay in KL and spend days together doing things we love to do

I took 3 days leave and Zhaf only took a day off since well he obviously off on weekends, pfft!
and we have a list of things to do together.. yeays!

ill tell you everything about it once these 2 days ends itself ya?

being almost a year of marriage of course what people would ask were
'Bila lagi ni' (while making shifty eyes looking at my tummy), 'dah ada isi ke?' (while rubbing my belly) or worst still , 'Bila due?'.. ok that will make me on my nerves and i'll be thinking the whole day 'buncit sangat ke perut aku ni?'


uhmmm...first of all people, that's my breakfast and lunch, thank you very much, Secondly, well belom ada rezeki lagi.. (standard party line ive always give to people hah!).. well of course being a mommy is all i ever ever wanted .. having to carry a huge round belly with like a twenty thirty fifty lines of stretchmarks, back pain, swollen legs, gigantic arms, sleepless nights, but by the time he or she's born, it all seems so worth it and all you see from each of your family members (most importantly the grandmas and grandpas) is a wonderful smile you ever see.

it tears me down watching 'what to expect when you're expecting' . you know the movie with Jlo and that hot Marco guy who was the gorgeous hunky in Gossip Girl, Nate.. gosh the last part when everyone finally met their babies was really touching.. perhaps the fact that we were trying to have one of our own and are thrill to finally have one makes me so emotionally affected by the movie. and the best part was, kantoi nangis dengan Zhaf.. shoot! wipe those away girl.

well there must be a reason why god yet to answer to our prayers right?. what ever it is we know Allah knows best. When the right time comes, we will have our own. *grins*

so back to the story,

starting off today, we shall have loadza things to do and to go to.

ok people, it's 3.24am, gonna go bed now.

Till then lovelies,

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