Thursday, March 1, 2012

The.Wed.Prep: MUA

heylo peeepol..
sorry for the long hiatus
was preoccupied with work 
sibuk berjalan mencari barang hantaran.

this time around 
im gonna talk about
the MUA

im excited about MUA 
cant wait fo them to make this ugly bare face pretty

so me n mr fiancee have been calling around
searching for MUA

dalam  memilih mua
as thought by kak nadia (mr fiancee's cousin)
basically depends on what style would you like
for instance
kalau Ayang Kamell , he will emphasize on mata
some like natural make up
some like heavy make up with super tebal eye lashes.

i like just a natural make up
well that maybe for nikah lah
for reception ta pe nak heavy sikit
plus blah bertandang nanti malam
so bole la make up over skit gitewww~ #motif?

so just a short while ago i called this one MUA
by the name
we spoke over the phone and she sounds very friendly
it was proposed by mr fiancee's cousin.
Yes, Kak Nadia
she's our life saviour..hehehe

so called her
and she said 
she is still available for the 3 dates
nikah, sanding, tandang
for nikah i chosed not to have hairdo
(maybe pakai tudung/selendang kot masa akad)
then fo reception perhaps il have hairdo as well
the price is not bad.
(hairdo will be done by he partner Cindy)

we will make a make up trial perhaps this friday 
for make up trial is only rm100
tapi nak kene confirmkan appt dengan my caterer plak dulu
friday is my offday and my wed prep day !

oh guys !
she'l be out of country 9-19 march okk

so if you wanna catch her for the trial make up session
you better fast people ! 

here are some nice photo of  her work of art

she's one of my kenalan di UM dulu
Nurul Bahiah
isnt shes just plain gorgeous ??

credit pic  Dominica byC.

anycase ur interested to have a trial ?
ctc her ! 

012 277 1000

or drop her an email at

Till then,



Anis_Apis said...

Baya adik Joey...hahaha my senior kat 1st college... Dominica by C mmg make up cantik..good luvk :)

iedchan said...

wah da cari mua...mua paling penting masa wedding..sbb kalo makeup tak cantik...nnt rosak semua..:P