Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Mama

6th March 2012

Mama turned sweet 51 !

yet mama ku yang kartun
doesn't look like 51 at all..

I've requested for leave on that special day
we started the day with a breakfast @ Kitchen Studio 
with Aunty Bib
and then we shoot off to nilai 3 to buy pinggan for my hantaran base
then to nilai 1 in search of baju pengapit for kak oshen n abg musz wedding on 25th
then off to seri kembangan for mama spa treat

yes I treat her a spa 
@ Roses Beauty and Spa
a time for pampering herself
after all her hard work with house chores
 and membesakan kami sampai gemok2 sehat2 begini
so ya..
mama was happy with the spa treatment

The hallway to the massage room

Full body massage 


Mandi Herba

i took facial treatment while waiting for mama
disini tiada gambar saya sebab tade org na tlg amek kan gambar

after the treatment and all
papa took us for a steamboat dinner
@ Q thai Restaurant  
and we ate sampai bloated

and then finished eating and all
here comes the cake !

Ice cream cake ! weeee~
sponsored by mr fiancee =)

sebab keras sangat ice cream nya. mr fiancee kene potong kan.heee

and papa gave his present
a watch 
yaya gave a box of chocolate and a bouquet of flower

and then we played around with ais kering povided by Baskin Robbins

then settled everything
we shoot off to downtown cheras 
for a shopping spreeeee!

while papa n mama terus pulang kerumah

and thats it !

even a simple celebration
mama was overwhelmed !

love you mama !!

Happy Birthday !

Till Then,

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