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Ze' Lil Roadtrip (Part 1)

2nd to 6th of April
Me & Hubz went off for a roadtrip
Penang - Cameron - KL - Malacca
well actually the Cameron part wasn't much in the plan 
thanks to dear hubz yang suka membuat surprise

(i'll get to that later ya..hee~)

the actual tentative was to shoot off right after subuh on the 2nd tu
tapi kalau gayanya bangun pun dah pukul 8 lebih..memang taklahh lepas subuhnyaaa...
(dalam erti kata lain..we slept thru subuh okkkk..astaghfirullahalazimm..ape nak jadi niiiii weeii...)
lesson to learn : kalau esok nak start journey seawal subuh..jangan nak menggataii lakukan kegiatan2 di malam sebelomnya agar tidak terlajak..ingat..terlajak perahu bole diundur..terlajak subuh..ganti sendiri ye... kegiatan ape..heii censored to be spoken here.. shhhh~

so we started our journey to north at about 10am
i'm pretty excited coz honestly it has been like almost 20 years since i step foot on bumi Pulau Pinang
the last time i remember it was...
actually .. i dont really remember..
i must be really2 small when i went to Penang the last time..

the journey was pretty much different berbanding dengan perjalanan ke selatan
which Tya dah sangat lah biasa dengan 5 hours journey from KL to Kota Tinggi sebab sekolah di situ.
through out the journey, kiri kanan pokok2, bukit2 and at certain point, pokok kelapa sawittt jee along the way. And the road was technically straight. 
not like perjalanan ke Utara, at first it was more like bengkok2 skit and bila dah sampai Perak, i can see bukit2 yg berbatu..
 ok iklan kejap: i miss Perak.. where i was born..since Arwah Tokbah & Maktok meninggal, and they sold the house, i could barely remember when was the last time i went back there.. i have put a word with Hubz to take leave for a few days nanti and stay in Perak..just to go around reminiscing rumah lama, tempat bungkus nasi lemak sedap, jalan2 lumut like how Arwah tokbah would bring when i was a little girl....we will definitely go back there one day.. :)

ok sambung perjalanan kite ke Utara ye kawan2
then to a certain point..
i can see sawah padi, kolam2 ternakan ikan,
well such interesting journey to Penang
except for the part Hubz drove super fast sampai kene speed trap.
..Thanks Sayangku..whatever it is..its gonna be from your account ye... :)

Top-left) Our 'still-sleppy' face. Down-left)cubaan untuk membuka mata sebesar2 supaya tak nampak macam muka org tak mandi..pfft. Right)muka orang bersalah sebab kene speed trap..padan mukaa~ 

Sesampai di Penang, mata ku meliar macam ape...trying to capture everything with my eyes.. nak snap gune handphone takot batt kong by the time sampai the other snap guna mata je la uolss..
masa pergi, we took ferry
first time for Louie to ride on a sure he's excited..

attempt nak jadi model rambut kene terbang2 dek angin..ala2 iklan shampoo..

Louie is also excited naik ferry sampai the alarmed keep on berbunyi everytime kitorang lock die on the ferry. Hubz kata maybe it is too sensitive to pergerakan... ayoo dah mcm Merc lah kau ni Louie..

and after a while..even such a short dear hubby felt into deep sleep till the only sound you here instead of the sound of the wind and the someone SNORING besides you.....muhahahhaah~ 

hey..that's the other side :)

So, sesampai di Georgetown, first thing first, we go and find our hotel..coz it's almost 3pm adn it's time to check-in!
well we decided to stay in Georgetown instead of Batu Feringhi
my Penang friends once told me..for a first timer like me..highly suggest to stay in the senang nak pg explore tempat2 makan..
next time we stay kat batu feringghi plak that time kite feeling2 mat-salleh dok tepi pantai, rambut kene tiup2 angin, in hand with a glass of air asam jawa.. 
choii..mak jawa uols..nak berlagak mat salleh ta dapek la..~

ala2 tourist tak? i just love the old buildings in Penang =)

the hotel corridor..tak tau ape motif snap pic ni..huhuhu~

the view of Georgetown from our room

after settled down in our room, we freshened up, solat and out we go to find that famous..
Claypot Beriyani 
ho yeah..and i say..
it sure taste superr yummy!!
literally air liuhku meleleh2 disaatku menaip ini..

It's the Kari Kapitan..

ada delivery okkayy..ala2 McD kau..kerlass..

well he ate Nasi people! there goes his diet..see that guilty face =P

we then went back to the hotel and had a rest..after maghrib we went out to Feringghi jalan2..
we walked by the beach..seperti biasa..feeling2 mat salleh..and ktorg menyelinap masok ke dalam Hard Rock cafe..actually intended to go the the shop nak tengok2 souveniors..heee~
but then we snap some pictures here..~

and im not sure why the heck,out of the whole freaking place, i go and snap myself in the restroom mirror..ape kejadahnya lahaii..dushhh! 

so there first thing ktorg pegi carik..
DVD shetak rompakan..
its superr super cheap..
CD lagu was like what? who sells CD in KL for RM4 for god sake.
so we bought Beyonce's, Adele's, Buble's, Bruno Mars' and a few more
but the best thing was i got my favourite TV series..

source: google

it's the Once Upon A Time (Season 1 & 2) and Switched at Birth Season 1 (which currently playing in channel Astro 722 Monday to Friday at 1.30pm)..

i'l review on those 2 series in few future post ya guys..heee~

so after we walked around Feringghi's night market, we went back down to Georgetown and to find the 
Nasi Kandar Beratur.
sorry guys, here weols ta sempat nak snap any photos
coz we were like Suuuuuperrrrr Suuuupeerrr and i say Dupperrr hungryyyy
and we couldn't care less where our phones were..hahahahah~

sudah kenyang we head back to the hotel and dozed off

the next day..we had our breakfast back in the hotel
and siap2 to check out
after checking out we head to 
Bukit Bendera / Penang Hill

please do ignore that fat thighs and immature post..shoooshh! 

oh..last night i say we went to Feringghi right? there i bought some cheap beach Pario..
nope! not to wear as what it is..but to wear it as there goes the Pario on my head..heee~ 

we've tried to contact my dearest uncle and aunt there
thought of nak ajak lunch 
however they were not contactable at that time.
busy it was weekdays kan..

So after the Bukit Bendera thing
we went for Nasi Kandar Line Clear

common curry..i'll eat you aliveeee!..muahah~

tu dia..pose feeling2 tourist...hhahha~

and after had our lunch in Penang
its time to say byebye Penang
one night stay wasn't enough i must say

takpe.. then we got reasons to come again kan?
oh yes we definitely will
banyak lagi makan2 tak explore kat sini.
so yah..

we started our journey back home
till dearest hubby made a surprise

i'll tell you all about it in Part 2 okkie?

Till then lovelies,

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