Monday, April 8, 2013

after almost a year...

.Haluuuuu..'s been almost a year right??
Yup after a looonnnggg hiatus..
I say hey maybe I should do some menebas dan aktiviti membersihkan sawang2 and habuk2 melampau kat sini..heee..

It's 4.30pm as i'm writing and here I am at Starbucks Alamanda waiting for my dear husband finish work at 5.30pm. Yes it's one hour to go and guess what, i've been here for the past 2 hour..

Ta syok sgt menaip blog with my tab coz my lappy batt da kiok and I left the charger inside my car...sigh!
Oh what to do..

Zhaf has been very supportive and infact keep asking me to update my blog..coz he was and yet still my number one fan.. (alaa.dulu sbb stalker kan..skang jadi husband takkan stalker lagi kot...).. I said what shall I do waiting for you for 3 hours..he said "u can update your long quiet blog.."

But then I was busy scrolling thru groupon, milkadeal,  ilovediscount and whatever discount website just checking kalau2 ada discounted household,  or dining or even percutian..kerana saya adalah cheapskate. Huahuahua. Hey everybody loves cheap things right? are you ladies?  Hows married life so far? I see some perot da maju kedepan...congratulations to all mother to be..also to the newly mothers for their precious newborns.

Me? Well married life has been A OK! hehehe...
Juggling between work (yes im still on shift..sigh!), being a housewife, not to forget a daughter for my family and my two in laws families and, a sister of 5 younger ones. .. well its kinda tuff I must say..but with hubster guidance and support..i shall conclude married life is indeed a totally new experience for the both of us..we learn new things, encounter new issues, sat and discuss together to sort things out. We've learned things and grow together. It was by far best moments in life.

Oh snap! Its 5.15pm I have to sign off and shoot to fetch hubster before heading to my parent's to pick up hub's bike..we left it there on our one week holiday..hehehe..

Oh abt our roadtrip last gonna tell all about it on my next post aite? I promise! :)

Till then lovelies,


missayu said...

tya......follow ayu....huhuhuhu...

Miss Dilla said...

finally! :)

Anis_Apis said...

mish ya babe... keep on blogging!!